All You Need to Know about Urban Streetwear Clothing

One fashion style that does not conform to any rule and a league of its own is the ‘streetwear’ clothing style. Many fashion experts find it awkward to completely define streetwear as it is constantly influenced by changing trends.

What is Streetwear?

By definition, streetwear involves clothes worn by urban youths in different cultures and settings worldwide. The term ‘streetwear’ is quite vast, and the early form was heavily influenced by music, skate, and surf culture. Today, apart from hip hop and rap music, streetwear seems to get inspiration from skate and surf culture.

Other elements that influence this popular style of clothing are high fashion, sportswear, and beachwear. The fashion industry is probably the only industry where things keep on changing with time. Many trends come and go. The fashion clothes that your mother or father used to wear in the 1960s or 1970s are not relevant today.

The constant change in the design and style of clothes is due to the changing consumer preferences and tastes. However, the advancement in technology is another major factor as today fashion designers have innovative tools and applications to experiment with new ideas. Today, apart from the standard styles, many want to buy men’s urban streetwear clothing.

History about Urban Streetwear

Most of the fashion styles still popular today date back to centuries, but streetwear is a reasonably new entrant. The streetwear fashion style has its roots in the skateboarding culture, which was at its peak in the 1980s. However, Shaun Stussy, a surfer in Laguna Beach, California, was the first to introduce streetwear, which later turned into a fashion style. 

Shaun started streetwear from the back of his car in the 1980s, and gradually the fashion style became a sensation among the youth of the area. Seeing the growing popularity, many of the famous fashion brands thought to introduce streetwear fashion in the mainstream market.

In the early 1990s, streetwear fashion started to get global recognition. Many Japanese designers blend the street culture in the designs of their clothes. By the late 1990s, streetwear started trending in many European countries.

Streetwear style is thought to encompass many different fashion elements. There is an emphasis on ‘functionality’ and ‘comfort.’  Today, social media influencers, media celebrities, and even young sports stars are launching new streetwear designs.

How Streetwear influencing Luxury Fashion

Urban streetwear is constantly evolving, and it is quite difficult to pinpoint the main aspects of this style. In many countries, youth comprise many of the population, making streetwear such a popular category.

Seeing the economic impact of streetwear fashion, many luxury clothing brands embrace the urban streetwear style. One factor that makes it evident is the launch of graphic t-shirts, which was not common a few decades ago. But today, youth simply love to make a statement, and what better way than a vibrant and compelling graphic t-shirt.

The core feature in the latest streetwear t-shirts is the breakaway from the traditional design to contemporary artwork. There is a change from conventional design methods to instill creativity and nostalgia.

Truly, when it comes to fashion, t-shirts have always been a staple dress across the world. Men simply love to wear a t-shirt nearly every day. After all, graphic t-shirts are one of the emblems of streetwear particularly if it displays a social or political comment. Furthermore, the youth seems to be quite vocal when it comes to displaying their agreement or criticism.

Walking down an urban street, one common sight is seeing young men adorn in a vibrant t-shirt and baggy pants. The rest of the attire includes colorful sneakers, a belt dangling, sunglasses, and hats. Music, sports, and entertainment in dancing are a few of the main elements of urban fashion.

The Current Market Position of Urban Streetwear

The fashion industry has seen many trends and styles come and go, but streetwear is here to stay. For instance, the early form of streetwear was quite raw, but over the years, the style has matured more than before. Consequently, urban fashion is now a fine mix of many fashion styles, and this is what makes it so unique.

Streetwear is not all about t-shirts but includes denim jeans, hoodies, sneakers, leather jackets, and oversized sweatshirts. One new trend is wearing a long-sleeved shirt and complementing it with cargo pants and a pair of sneakers. The best thing about streetwear is that you can easily mix and match various clothes and accessories.

For example, T-shirts and jeans are the hallmark of street style and also quite easy and comfortable to wear. After a long time, now big fashion brands are trying to develop various streetwear clothes. Subsequently, the high practicality and versatility is what makes urban street fashion so distinctive and attractive.


A few years ago, streetwear clothes were not readily available, but now you can buy them from online stores. Some new clothing startups are offering a wide array of urban streetwear clothes. You can easily make an online account, browse, select, and order your favorite streetwear t-shirts and jeans online.


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