Interview with Abhinav Parashar, 17th rank holder in BPSC 65th Civil Services Exam

abhinav parashar

Abhinav Parashar

Rank : 17

Exam Name: 65th BPSC

Selected For : Bihar Police Service (DSP)

Academic Background : B.E in Computer science and Engineering from Burdwan University

Optional Subject : Sociology

Number of Attempts : 1

From : Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Interview Questions ask by Indian Gabbar Team :

Indian Gabbar : Tell me something about yourself?

I am from Itaha , Dholi Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Indian Gabbar : Tell me something about your family background?

Father- Prem Kumar Mishra (Farmer) Mother – Sudha Mishra(Housewife)

Indian Gabbar : Who is your role model?

My Brother (Abhishek Parashar) and My Teacher (Shakti Prasad Mishra)

Indian Gabbar : What attracted you to Civil Services?

My teacher- Sri Shakti Prasad Mishra

Indian Gabbar : When did you start your preparation?


Indian Gabbar : Was this your first attempt? If not, what changes did you make in your strategy for this attempt?


Indian Gabbar : Were you satisfied with your level of preparation before the exam and were you hopeful of being successful?


Indian Gabbar : Considering the extensive syllabus of general studies in preliminary examination and main examination, what strategy did you adopt?

Read all standard books and followed youtube and some websites

Indian Gabbar : Did you give special emphasis to some particular sections or equal emphasis on all sections? In your opinion, can certain sections be skipped by assuming them to be not so important?

Equal emphasis to all sections. There is nothing to skip when we opt for civil services

Indian Gabbar : How much time did you take to complete your preparation for all the three stages of the examination? Did you prepare for each stage in sequence or for all the stages simultaneously?

The whole procedure of exam took about 2-3 years till my selection

Indian Gabbar : How important do you think is making own notes with studies?

It is the 1st step of success

Indian Gabbar : Did you rely on any electronic material and other social networking sites for your preparation? If yes, did you find them useful? Please share some websites you frequented.

Yes….very much useful….insight,visionias,gktoday are some of them

Indian Gabbar : How did you determine which books, magazines and periodicals to study and which to ignore/leave?

Through youtube suggestions by successful students

Indian Gabbar : In your opinion, how useful is participating in mock test series at different stages of this examination?

I didn’t attempt any mock test

Indian Gabbar : How did you tackle the challenge of time management- whether it was on a daily, monthly or annual basis?

It is crucial part of preparation. I did it at my home for 1 month before exam

Indian Gabbar : How did you maintain consistency in preparation despite the de-motivating and often frustrating nature of this exam?

My friend Ketaki and my brother always kept me motivated…special Contribution was by my sister Prerna.She kept me inspiring throughout the journey.

Indian Gabbar : On an average, how many hours in a day did you devote to studies? What activities did you indulge in when not studying?

It varied … such rigid routine.

Indian Gabbar : What was your optional subject? Did you study it during your graduation or at any level after that? If not, on what basis did you choose it?

Sociology….no it was not my graduation subject. It was easy to understand,scoring and relevant subject for civil services.

Indian Gabbar : Some people say that some optional subjects are smaller, easier and more scoring than other subjects and hence are more popular. In your opinion, would it be right to say so? While choosing your optional subject did you consider its popularity as a basis?

It depends upon individual…it is partly true….I chose sociology bcoz it was relevant as well as scoring.

Indian Gabbar : In your opinion, to what extent is success in main examination dependent on the answer writing style? What approach did you follow in developing the right style of answer writing?

Answer writing is the root of best ranks for bpsc….it helps us fetch good marks and hence act as bonus even if interview doesn’t go as per expectations

Indian Gabbar : How did you prepare for the interview? Does the preparation done during the short period immediately after the mains result actually help in the interview?

I appeared for a few free mock tests online on YouTube.

Indian Gabbar : Tell me about your time management while working?

Nothing such….just planned daily and tried to keep small targets for all subjects

Indian Gabbar : How do manage your personal life during preparation of civil services?

It was the best part bcoz too much deviations were there but as I said my family and friends kept me motivating ….and it is their effort which has yielded result

Indian Gabbar : How important do you think it is to have an alternate career back-up while preparing for civil services? Which path had you chosen?

It was always there in my mind…and I also appeared for WBCS.

Indian Gabbar : How did you manage studies while working?

No such

Indian Gabbar : How do you motivate yourselves?

I believe in 1 thought of swami vivekananda…that is…….HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF….ARISE AWAKE AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS REACHED.

On behalf of Indian Gabbar, many thanks to Mr. Abhinav Parashar, and wish him a bright future.

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