How To Wear HeadPhones with Glasses?

How To Wear HeadPhones with Glasses

There are a lot of people who wear headphones with glasses every day. And it could get very painful if the headphones are not properly adjusted at the right place.

How to Wear HeadPhones with Glasses

A music video or a Netflix movie could get from entertainment to pain easily within some time for people who wear headphones with glasses.

If you have a different type of headphone, it could get even worse, and sometimes, the headphones slide up around the ear, causing the glasses to press down which would make you very angry.

There are various types of solutions that can make the discomfort disappear. From wearing the right type of headphones to changing the design of your glasses, in the video below, there are some things you can do to make the discomfort convert into comfort again.

If you are looking for the best headphone amp under 200, you can read this article. Below are some steps to fix the issue of how to wear headphones with glasses.

1. Adjust the headphones

When you wear a headphone, be sure to adjust it before relaxing and watching a video/movie. You should balance the adjustment so that it does not fall off your head, or crush your skull if tightened too much.

Many people suggest adjusting the headphones a little bit tighter so that they do not fall off your head easily when they move. But the main problem comes when you are wearing glasses. To fix that, buy headphones that are usually made for larger heads.

Many headphones in the market are made for larger heads, and that’s why, you should always check every one of them to choose the right one for you.

2. Wear over-ear headphones

Over-ear headphones are suitable for larger heads. Their weight is evenly balanced, and this makes the headphones to not cause force on the head. These headphones also provide a better experience because of the weight distribution.

Nowadays, headphones that provide extremely impressive sound quality are easily available in the market. And to use the maximum capacity of the headphones, people tend to use on-ear headphones instead of the over-ear ones, which causes pain.

You can also buy over-ear glasses as many of them are available in the market. But as always, you should try every type, and then choose the best one.

3. Choose soft-material headphones

It always seems like when you buy a headphone, it will have comfortable padding. It is true but that is not the only thing that matters. You should not get fooled by the box of the headphone, instead, you should take it out and practically check if it is comfortable or not.

Before buying a headphone, you should keep in mind that it is made from velour, fabric, or foam. These three materials are very comfortable for people who wear glasses as they provide a soft-cushion type effect.

These types of headphones can be easily found in gaming stores as gamers usually buy them for a long period of gaming. Fabric headphones are also very popular in sports shops.

4. Get a headphone with comfortable padding

While wearing headphones, with the force of the headphones on the glasses, the padding of it also matters. The thicker the padding, the more comfortable they will be to wear. They also make the pain go away as they provide a cushion type softness and a preferred for people who wear glasses every day.s

Foam is a much comfortable material than fabric, or velour. Headphones with foam padding are very comfortable, however, the only disadvantage is that they are a bit heavier than the other type of headphones. Still, if your priority is comfort and ease, you should buy headphones with foam padding.

5. Change the type of glasses

If changing your headphones do not help much in getting rid of the pain, you should also try changing your glasses frame. You can choose a thinner frame as it do not get pressed by the headphones and in result, it will decrease the pain. The only disadvantage of thinner frames is that they do not look as much stylish as the thicker frames.

Before changing the frame of your glasses, you should go to an eye specialist, and ask him/her for a frame that will work perfectly with the headphones. You can also buy vintage-style glasses.

6. Customize your headphones

If you like the style of your glasses and don’t want to change them, there is an other solution for that. You can customize your headphones by cutting the headphones padding from where they touch the glasses. You should not make this way your priority, as it could damage your headphones.

If you don’t want to change your headphones or glasses, you can either customize your headphones or put a soft material like a tissue, or cotton next to the glasses. However, the best option is to change the headphones and the frame of the glasses.


We have told you 6 ways that how to wear headphones with glasses. The best method is to change both headphones and your glasses. If that works, then well enough. If it doesn’t, then you can try the other solutions.


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