How To Sleep With Headphones Without Breaking Them? – 3 Easy Ways

How To Sleep With Headphones Without Breaking Them?

Sleep is one of the most crucial things, especially for old people in life to stay healthy (physically and mentally). But, it gets very difficult if you are not getting enough sleep.

How To Sleep With Headphones Without Breaking Them?

Sleeping with headphones is one of the best methods to have comfort as well as sleep quickly. By wearing headphones and listening to any Surah of Qura’an or any Naat, you can get to sleep very very quickly and you will be relieved.

But the main problem is that most of the headphones in the market are not comfortable to wear when you are in your bed, sleeping. They may hurt your head so much that you will want to tear them off your head. And the next morning, you may be suffering because of your stiff neck.

What are the benefits of wearing headphones in bed?

There are various benefits of wearing headphones while sleeping or trying to sleep. Below are the benefits:

Keeps you away from distraction: The best thing about wearing headphones while going to sleep is that they help you to sleep very quickly. The main reason is that headphones block out loud noises and help you to sleep early.

Relaxing mind: Many biological studies show that wearing headphones and listening to relaxing music while in bed helps to reduce stress because it slows down the breathing as well as the heartbeat. It relaxes your body physically as well as mentally.

Happy cells get activated: Listening to relaxing music helps reduce stress and relax your body. Relaxation makes the happy cells in our body get activated and we become happy. And the best thing is that they make you sleep better.

How to sleep with headphones?

If you want to sleep quickly and relax your body, then we have come up with some ways on how to sleep with headphones without breaking them. Below are the ways mentioned:

Get wireless earbuds

Wireless headphones do not have any wire. Wired headphones or earphones are wired that makes you uncomfortable while in bed, sleeping or not.

That’s why you should buy a pair of wireless earphones first and then move on to the next steps. Here are the best wireless earbuds you can buy for sleeping.

Lay down in a different position

Your sleeping position matters a lot if you want to relax your body as well as wear earbuds or headphones. But many people are used to sleeping in their own position.

You should sleep on your back to avoid pressure on your ears and head as it is the best position you can sleep in.

Get a special travelling pillow

The best way to sleep with headphones without breaking them is to buy a travel pillow. This type of pillow are wore by people usually in airplanes.

It is also called a U-shaped pillow. It is used for reducing the pressure on the headphones in mainly 2 two ways. When you are sleeping in a straight position, the travel pillow holds your neck so that it doesn’t move.

The 2nd way is that when you sleep on your right or left side, it holds your neck from going down and avoids losing momentum.

Are there any disadvantages to sleep with headphones?

Of course there are some cons to sleep with headphones. Before wearing headphones and going to sleep, keep in mind that it is dangerous if you don’t wear them properly or sleep in a position where the headphones put pressure on your head.

Wax increase

Earphones or headphones can cause wax to buildup in your ears. This is because when you are wearing them, air is blocked and does not circulate inside your ear. And in the end, wax increases in you ears causing you to hear less.

Wax can also damage you ears permanently. We recommend you to clean your ears a minimum of 3 days a week.

Permanent damage to ears

Listening to very loud music, or bass boosted music can permanently damage your ears. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration has said that a sound with 85 decibels should not be played more than 8 hours and is too loud.

Most of the headphones in the market have a maximum volume limit from 85 to 110 decibels. Some songs or videos are edited and their volume is turned higher than their original volume in editors. That’s why you should always listen to music within limits.

If you are looking to increase the volume or amplify the sound of your headphones, then read this article on the best headphone amp under 50$.

Should you sleep with headphones while in bed?

We do not recommend you to sleep with headphones while sleeping. But you can wear earbuds as they are smaller in size and do not put pressure on your head or ears.

Won’t be able to identify incoming calls, or call for help

The biggest problem with wearing headphones while sleeping is that you won’t be able to identify any incoming calls. Some of you might also not hear sirens or an emergency call from your neighbours etc.

Very dangerous for your head and expensive

Wearing headphones while sleeping is also very dangerous for your head and ears. They put pressure on your ears and head, and may cause permanent damage.

Headphones or earbuds are also expensive. If you are sleeping on your side, then be careful because some headphones have touch-sensitive touch panels. If they are touched mistakenly while sleeping, it can raise the volume of the headphones, causing insecurity to your ears.

Difficult to find a comfortable position

One of the biggest problems of sleeping with headphones is that finding a comfortable position is hard to find. Because most of the headphones cover up your head, they put pressure on your head and ears.

You can buy earbuds to fix that problem very easily.

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In this era, music has become our part of life. Many human beings listen to music almost every day. But, we recommend you to listen to music less and Qura’an more. By listening to the verses of Qura’an, you will be able to fix your issues in life, if you have any.

We hope that you liked our guide to “how to sleep with headphones without breaking them“. See you in the next article!

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