How To Prevent Headphones From Breaking At The Jack? | 8 Methods!

How to Prevent Headphones from Breaking at the Jack?

Headphones are our part of life, and we use them in daily routine life for listening to music and various purposes. We have seen many times that after using headphones, it will break soon due to some reasons. Therefore, it becomes complicated for you because the headphones you find damaged are your favorite headphones that you are using daily.

It is imperative to know how to prevent headphones from breaking at the jack? Because most of the headphones break from the jack side. Hence, keeping in mind all your needs, we especially have come with the top 8 best methods to keep the headphones from being damaged.

❯❯ How To Prevent Headphones From Breaking At The Jack

Breaking any headphones by the jack can be due to many reasons. So, keep all your worries in mind. We have come up with the top 8 best methods that will prove perfect for keeping your headphones from being damaged.

The biggest reason any headphone breaks is how you handle it. The more you take care of it, the better it will last with you and the lower the risk of breakage. Therefore, handling it is the first task because no matter how powerful and expensive the headphone you buy, they can break due to your small mistake.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the details of these 8 methods that will avoid the headphone being damaged and save you lots of money.

Do Not Pull the Cord Cable

The most common mistake that can cause a headphone to malfunction or break is to pull the wire when it is unplugged. That’s why when you put too much stress on the headphone wires, it breaks by the jack or plug. Therefore, when you are unplugging, your headphone makes sure you can do it by catching the plug and not catching the cable.

Don’t Coil the Headphone Cable Tightly

After using headphones, many of us coil the headphone cable around the smartphone or Mp3 player. These wires are very light and break at the jack side even after a slight jolt and stop working. Therefore, another major reason behind the breakage of your headphone wire is to wrap it over your smartphone or MP3.

Wrap Up the Headphone Wire When You are Not Using it

Whenever you use your headphones or hands-free, never leave them unattended. When you use the hands-free or headphones, make sure you will properly wrap it before placing it anywhere to be safe. When the hands-free or headphone wires become tangled, it can cause minor cuts inside the wire and lead to loose connections. You can quickly wrap up the hands-free or headphones as easily as you want using your fingers.

Never Dangle Your Headphones

If you want to prevent headphones from breaking at the jack, make sure that you don’t let your headphone or hands-free dangle or hang inside your bag. When you do so, it will cause stress on the cord’s connection between the headphone and the plug. When you wrap the headphone properly and keep inside the bag, you can keep the headphone from being damaged.

Don’t Sleep with Your Headphones

Another most prominent reason that will cause the headphone breaking issue is that you can sleep even with your headphones. Therefore, when you move on your bed while sleeping, there is stress on the headphone wires, which causes the wires to break. Wire break accidentally while sleeping, and they can damage your hands-free and headphones.

Not only does this cause the wire to break, but it also causes problems for your hearing when you use the hands-free while you sleep. In the end, make sure you wrap up your hands-free or headphone and go to bed.

Use Protective Case for Headphone

It is a perfect and fantastic tip to protect your headphone from being damage is to use the protective case for your headphone or hands-free. We don’t care about our headphones, and when it breaks, we start blaming the company or manufacturer.

It is imperative to have the best protective case for a headphone to buy online or any traditional shop. When you are using a solid and protective case, it protects the headphone and increases its lifespan.

Don’t Buy Disposable Headphones

Don’t compromise on the quality when you spend money to buy a headphone, so make sure that it is built with solid materials. You get to see many disposable headphones, and when you buy them and use them, break soon. Finding the best quality headphone is an investment for you in the long run.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about buying cheap headphones or hands-free, it is made by cutting the cost of materials. As a result, you can’t get amazing and fantastic sound quality, and it will be damaged soon.

Use Right Cable Headphones

When you buy a headphone that comes with a wire that is not long or not short, it will enhance the overall durability and quality of the headphone. It will decrease the chances of getting cuts inside the wire or breaking issues at the jack. The headphones with long cables easily caught into various obstacles, and the short cables will be under pressure. Therefore, the headphones that come with no long wire or short will protect the headphone from being damaged.

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I hope you are familiar with how to prevent headphones from breaking at the jack? By following all the methods mentioned above, You can save a lot of money by following it, and it will provide you comfort and durability. It will enhance the overall sound quality, and you can keep the headphone and hands-free from being damage.

In the end, I hope that this guide proves to be helpful and informative for you, and you can easily come to a conclusion about how to protect headphones from breaking at the jack.


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