How to create a Google web story?

Google Web Story tool allows users to tell stories across video, audio, text, still images, and motion graphics. According to the user’s preferences, these articles are displayed on the Google Discover app, Google Images, and the main Google search page.

Web Stories: How to Make Them on Google for Any Site.

An in-depth guide, covering the basics up to more advanced techniques, is provided here on how to make a Google Web Story. Complete and Step-by-Step Instructions.


After logging into your site’s WordPress Dashboard, you’ll find a Plugins menu item on the site’s left-hand side. To use it, select it and then select the new button.

Then, in the search field that appears, enter “Google Web Stories” and hit “Search.” You’ll be presented with these plugins and then asked to install and activate them.


Return to your site’s WordPress dashboard, select the Web Story Plugin, and then, under the Stories section itself, select the option to “Create a Set” at the bottom.


Instances of such user interfaces will appear in response to a settings selection. It’s where you’ll find the options to tweak the app. A Tracking ID, which may be obtained in Google Analytics, will initially be required.


A Publish Logo of at least 96×96 pixels and a 1:1 aspect ratio should be uploaded there, as demonstrated by the second Aero in the previous image.


The third Aero will appear on your site if you monetize it with Google AdSense or another ad network. In addition, you can monetize this space by displaying advertisements.

Monetization data requires a Publisher ID and Slot ID. It’s important to remember to fill in the ID by the Ads Network you’re using, such as Google Ads or Google Ads Manager.


After completing these configurations, you will need to return to the WordPress Dashboard and, this time, select Stories before proceeding to the Dashboard itself, where you would like Create a narrative to begin writing your Stories.


If you want to build your own Google Web Stories, you can create it by clicking on create a tale.

Some Notable Characteristics of Online Stories:

Your website’s WordPress Dashboard can be accessed using the link “Stories,” and then “Dashboard” can be accessed through “Create New Story.”


With the media option, you can download copyright-free photographs and videos from any other website on your website. Google Web Stories can also utilize media from your websites, such as photos and videos.

Third-Party Media:

Choose an option that appears on the right side of the screen. Independent Media If you click the link, you’ll be taken to a page where you can access a plethora of high-quality images and videos collected in one place and available for use in any Google web story without worrying about copyright violations.


Web Stories allow you to add text to images and videos from Media or Third-Party Media with the press of a button. The exact heading and paragraph tags used in WordPress will work here.

Models and Decals:

The Shapes and Stickers tab provides access to a wide variety of high-quality elements that can be included in polished Web stories.

Model Pages:

Pre-designed Document Structures A completed sample is provided below for your convenience. Incorporating any of these into your online shop is a viable option, which may be made in a fraction of the time using Page Templates.

Alter the Color Scheme:

Use the drop-down choices on the page’s right to personalize your Google web store. Alter the Color Scheme You can customize the Google Web Story’s color scheme right here as you’re making it. Potentially more appealing.

Set Ambient Music:

Any media file can be used by selecting Insert Background Media.

Updated Sites:

Recent Updates Here is where you may create a brand-new page. To add more pages while making a Google Web Story, look for the plus sign (plus). You can make stories with as little as four pages or as many as thirty.


Web Stories can be more engaging by incorporating various visual animation elements.

  • Learning Google Web Stories is where you’ll find the most advanced level of value.
  • Your own Google-hosted web stories, under your complete command.
  • When stories are published on Google, they are seen by more people.
  • It’s completely tailored to your needs.

Make Stories provides you with the following advantages and features:

  1. No coding at all
  2. remarkably flexible
  3. This massive stock library bursts with pictures, animations, and movies.
  4. Fully edited and prepared to use templates
  5. 5. Complete mastery of the web-based narrative
  6. You’re free to store them on any server you like, number 6.
  7. 7. Easily searchable and interlink able
  8. 8. Supports To monitor how people use your website, you can use Google Analytics.
  9. 9. resolutions can be resized to fit any display size.
  10. Web tales can be transformed into real-time events by incorporating interactive features.
  11. 11. Compatibility with a wide range of platform integrations
  12. Placement in bookends and several publication formats
  13. First-rate components and setting
  14. 14 Vote in favor of internet auto ads
  15. Allow page attachments
  16. 16 Call-to-action buttons
  17. Use the in-app bookend builder to design some stylish bookends.
  18. 18-Arrangement of elementary building blocks
  19. 19 Enables you to create your unique collection of templates
  20. Using this plugin, you’ll gain access to a dashboard where you may write web stories, complete with numerous useful tools.


In the Media section of the editor, you’ll be able to find and utilize external, copyright-free images and videos in your web stories.

Independent Media

You can find copyright-free photos, videos, and gifs to use in your web stories by clicking the “Third Party Media” option in the media library. These items came directly from the Dashboard and were culled from Unsplashed.


Your photographs and videos can be enhanced with text by clicking on the text and adding it to your web store.

Decorative Decals & Cutouts

You’ll find a wide variety of charming shapes and stickers to use in embellishing your tales with style.

Pre-designed Document Structures

Create your online tales with the help of the various pre-made templates available in Pages.

Substitute backdrop hues

There are several options for customizing the look and feel of your web stories, such as changing the background color located in the menu bar on the side of the page.

Set Ambient Sound/Video

Background material, such as photographs or videos, can easily be added to web stories from this location.

Recent Updates

A web narrative can have between four and thirty pages. A plus sign will appear if you have enough space for another page, and you can add as many as you like from there.


You can visit this site to learn everything you need about blogging and all the other web tales. You should at least try out the visual storytelling options in Make Stories. Quickly boost your traffic, customer engagement, and monetization strategies by creating your first Web Story.

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