Follow These 5 Tips to Maximize Vape Use

With the passage of time and the introduction of new flavors and devices, e-cigarettes are also becoming a luxury. The inclusion of CBD in vapes has opened a new door to the smoking experience. They are expensive and you have to get a new one every other new week. It also depends on how much you smoke, the way you handle and store it, the type of e-juice you are using, and several other aspects.

We will be discussing methods with which you can prolong your device’s life and get the most out of them. 


It is one of the necessary rules to keep your cartridges in an upright, vertical position with their mouthpieces facing the other way when storing them. It would be great if you detach the cartridge from the vape while it is not in use as it prevents spillage. 

Like several other flavors, it should be kept away from sunlight and in a cool, dry place. 

We would recommend you to buy a case to store your cartridges safely. They are specially designed to protect your product from various hampering elements. 

You can also get packaging for your e-liquids from to protect them against various effects.


It is crucial to keep your e-juice from ultraviolet radiation, like sun rays, which have a fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. The sunlight that is visible consists of UV rays and can cause damage to your product. They break down the CBD and mess up its taste and efficacy. 

You can also notice how your product’s color shifts from a clear shade to the dark one. It shows the reactions with CBD in your e-liquid. That is the reason you must always store your vape cartridges from sunlight and in a cool and dry place. 


Another factor that can affect your CBD e-liquid is improper temperature. We have discovered that the perfect temperature for your CBD vape oil is room temperature. Various chemical reactions will take place in your vape juice when left at a high temperature and show a different color. It might also affect the taste of your CBD e-liquid. 

As mentioned previously, you can store it in a cold and dry place like a refrigerator or a shelf. It does not face any deterioration when stored in a cold place. However, it is pertinent to mention here that you should not put your cartridges in the freezer as it can make the moisture condense and cause a problem when operating your device. 

Please note that the fridge will preserve CBD and terpenes in your e-oil in a flawless form, but the cold can cause a split in the liquid. It happens because each component in the CBD e-liquid has a separate condensation point. There is no need to worry if you experience oil separation; just gently shake the product after taking it out to smoke. 

It is also important to note that high temperatures not only leave a severe impact on your e-juice elements but also cause harm to the cartridge material, like cracks, glass breakage, etc.


Vape cartridges are not an inexpensive product and can become costlier with respect to their distinctive features, like reusability. It is essential to educate yourself about its condition and components before storing them so you do not ruin them. For example, you can use ceramic coil rings in your e-cigarette because they are relatively less susceptible to heat damage. 

Similarly, materials like steel and pyrex are suggested when measured against the glass as they are not fragile and do not experience breakage that easily. Such materials have better wear and tear resistance. 

That is why it also depends on how well you are familiar with your product before storing them.  


Last but not least, the fundamental part of storing it comes when you are traveling. When you are on the move, please ensure that you are carrying it in a case or bag instead of just putting it carefreely in your pocket. It can slip out or easily face damage when stored in a proper case. You can mistakenly sit on it or lose it if not stored properly. Be aware of how you are storing them during transit.


We realize that vape cartridges are no less than a luxury and should be taken care of in the same manner. You can definitely save money by opting for reusable products since they are pretty affordable. You still have to follow these five steps if you wish to keep your device in perfect form. It will keep your e-juice raw and potent and will give you an enthralling smoking experience. 

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