Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work Without Music?

Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work Without Music?

The question that must come to your mind is, do noise cancelling headphones work without music? Yes, it is possible, but keep some things in mind when buying headphones because some headphones are more effective than others.

Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work Without Music?

Most of the time, any headphones with noise-cancelling features inside are more effective when you use them with music. The advantage of this is that when you listen to the sound, it does not allow the outside sound to reach you and keeps you in a calm environment.

But on the contrary, you will find some noise-cancelling headphones that you can use without music. Therefore, if you want to use headphones without music, look for a model with the features of active noise cancellation feature.

How Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work?

How do noise-cancelling headphones work? This question can often be astounding to you. When it comes to the noise-cancelling technology of headphones, you get to see two technologies in it, and there is a big difference between the two. Let us know the details of these two technologies, which are given below.

  • Active Noise Cancellation

The headphones that come with active noise cancellation technology electronically cancels out the background sounds when you put them on your ears. These are specially designed for the pilot who helps keep the noise out of his ears during traveling. You will also find a unique feature inside that is capable of cancelling long-lasting and repetitive sounds.

Note: One thing to consider before using this active noise cancellation headphone is that it is useful in eliminating background noise, and you can use it both with music and without music.

  • Passive Noise Cancellation

Within passive noise Cancellation technology, you get to see the feature that you can reduce the sound around you and enjoy music without increasing the volume. Headphone models with passive noise cancellation features are provided to you in the form of earbuds or over-ear models.

Note: This model’s headphones fit snugly inside your ears, but one thing to note here is that these are more effective when you use them with music.

Advantages of Noise-Cancelling Headphones

You can see the benefits of using these noise-cancelling headphones in many different ways, which are mentioned below.

  • You can boost your concentration after using these noise-cancelling headphones
  • It will allow you to increase your productivity and satisfaction further
  • Not only can you avoid outside noise, but it is also great for giving you excessive audio entertainment.
  • It allows you to improve your conversations and take them to a different level
  • It plays a vital role in maintaining and improving your health

Downsides of Noise-Cancelling Headphones

In the same way that you see the advantages of these noise cancelling headphones, you also see some disadvantages. Below are some of the significant disadvantages you may encounter while using these headphones.

  • The first thing you can see inside is that it is a bit more expensive than standard headphones
  • When you are using this headphone for noise control, you need power, which causes its battery to consume.
  • Some functions do not work without power, and this noise-cancelling headphone becomes like a standard headphone.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying Noise Cancelling Headphones

By the way, you are familiar with all the features of this headphone and its technology. Therefore, when buying it, you have to take care of some factors which are very important and make your choice even best. The factors to keep in mind before buying these headphones are given below:

  • Find Good Quality Headphones

You find different brands in the market and give you different results within dissimilar models. Inside the other models, you get to see different results, so you must take care of the quality when you buy it. Therefore, to choose the best noise-cancelling headphones out of all the models, you have to look at other people’s reviews.

  • Power Source

If you are looking for a great noise-cancelling headphone, you should know that this headphone needs a separate power source, especially for working well. The frequently asked question is, do noise-cancelling headphones work on airplanes? Thus, the quick answer is that you need a separate power source for active noise cancelling inside headphones.

  • Music Listening

It is essential to recognize that none of the noise-cancelling headphones completely removes outside sounds from your ears. Therefore, you are given the ability to listen to the music inside; it plays an instrumental role in noise cancellations. If you have noticed that your headphones are not useful for eliminating background noise, try playing the music once in it.

Headphones Vs. Over-the-Head

As you know, in the market you can find different types of headphone models. Therefore, any noise-cancelling headphones’ choice is based on your personal preferences, as which headphones you are using and which one you like.

According to your preferences, if you want to buy in-ear headphone models, you need to consider some functions before buying them. You must make sure that you buy a headphone that fits best inside your ear and cancels out the background noise. It gives you the advantage of being small in size and easily fits in your pocket.

But on the contrary, headphones that fit and cover your ears prove to be best compared to in-ear headphones. Therefore, if you buy these headphones, you are at an advantage, and will often not be able to hear the noise outside, even without music.


Hope you are aware that how do noise cancelling headphones work without music. It never matters how expensive headphones you buy. It would help if you used music to avoid outside noise altogether.

Our advice is to usually use active noise cancellation headphones that you can use without music. Finally, Hope this guide proves to be helpful for you.

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