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The efforts of being a motivational speaker to captivate the audience and help them overcome their obstacles cannot be undermined. Often, the most inspiring motivational speakers of the world hail from impoverished, difficult or hostile backgrounds.

Master orators, these speakers know how to use their words, body language, eye contact, tone variations, hand gestures and other verbal techniques to engage efficiently with their audience. Their words, gestures, and stories  not only inspire the listener to take action, but reveal strategies that can help them deal with obstacles, subjugate weaknesses to improve their lives for the better!

Talking about one such great personality is Sagar Sinha, a motivational speaker par excellence.  A life coach, philanthropist and renowned entrepreneur, he is a man who truly needs no introduction!

Known for his deep voice and compelling skills, Sagar Sinha has actively been helping youth to transform their career by overcoming obstacles and hardships that may come along. It’s their journey and all that they have learned over the years that acts like their North star. They use the pain and hardships to motivate themselves and others, as well.

Unlike others, his journey towards success has been filled with struggles and hardships. It’s all he has learned over time that has made him realize the importance of being extraordinary. Today, he has developed immense skills and talent to entice his audience into letting go of their fears to work towards making their dreams come true.

Today, Marketing in its fullest, truest, and greatest form has become more important today than ever before.  The world is awash in innovative products, services, technologies, solutions, business models, etc. These new offerings must be brought to market and commercialized in order to generate revenue and profit.  Innovation alone cannot sustain a company; it must be paired with marketing.

Realising the need to provide young individuals with guidance and coaching, Sagar Sinha founded Empowering Brain Pvt. Ltd that empowers young minds with the importance of marketing and guides them ways through which they can excel in the domain.

With over six years of expertise in the domain, Sagar has successfully been able to transform the lives of several individuals through his strategies and business guidance. An engineer by profession, he is a master of human physiology, Sales Booster, Leadership Consultant, Business Coach and Life Coach. Today, he has guided over six lakh people across oceans through his seminars, workshops, and YouTube Videos, educating both online and offline.

He says, “It’s important to understand your audience. If you’re giving a presentation at work, study how others do it. This is what I adopted when I started to interact with people for a sales pitch. It needs precision, but it is not impossible to achieve.”

source: theindiasaga

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