5 Essential Steps To Do a Competitor Analysis on YouTube

Now we are going to see the importance of competitor analysis. Everyone is a competitor for your business. If you want to become a popular marketer, you should know the tactics of your competitors.

Brands do not as briefly conduct YouTube competitor analysis as compared to Instagram competitor analysis and Facebook competitor analysis. It’s a very simple method to track your competitors on YouTube using the Youtube analytics tool.

In this guide, we will explain to you about competitor analysis on YouTube.

Let’s begin.

First, we should know the importance of competitor analysis and YouTube Analytics.

Competitor Analytics:

It’s the best tool for your research that helps you give data for your videos and channel. It provides you YouTube Analytics insights on who your audience is,  how your YouTube videos are performing, and other metrics that help measure your channel.

YouTube Analytics:

It’s the best tool for your research that helps you give data for your videos and channel. This caters to your insights on who your audience is,  how your YouTube videos are performing, and other metrics that support measure your channel.

Why Competitor Research Needs?

Currently, brands are hugely engaged on social media platforms. If you want to share your brand on YouTube, it must be unique compared to your competitors. YouTube has a massive audience base, which also makes it completely competitive. 

Some points deeply explain the importance of your YouTube competitors:

  • Competitor research tells you what’s new in your competitors
  • It helps you decode their audience base
  • It will help you find where your videos lack while performing

Now, we are going to see the important step for competitor analysis:

1. Find your Exact Competitor on YouTube:

All brands are your competitors but who is your exact competitor is the main strategy on marketing. Do market research and get the results of your niche. The resemblance between your services and products that help you decide your perfect competitors. And who’s having a similar target audience with other brands, they also who your competitors are. Most essentially, you can see which of all the competitors are in active status on YouTube!

You will choose the top ten competitors who are related to your products. Whether they are a local, national, or international company, it doesn’t matter. Notice them their activities and methods and follow with your strategies. 

2. Analyze your Competitor Content:

After choosing your competitor, you need to complete an analysis of their products or services, content, keywords, and style. Analyzing their content can help to improve your content to get the audience retention. Also, you see their content creation method like which type of content they focus on, such as blogs, case studies, or premiums, etc. 

Once you have determined their content, surely you will find the quality, and you will see how it compares to yours.

Make sure to boost your YouTube comment likes for your videos that analyze how continuous they are publishing, adding, and updating new content and which type of topics they are discussing. 

Note the consistency of your competitors; for instance, your competitors regularly publish 3 to 4 times per week compared to one article of yours. With this, you are affected by your traffic to your website.

3. Analyze their SEO Performance:

SEO is the basic common thing to boost your ranking on SERP pages. While performing a competitive analysis of the form of content your competitors are producers, it is also advantageous to know that content’s SEO. 

When your company has a blog, you need to know how important your SEO is while making a competitive analysis of your competitors’ content analysis, where it is profitable to work with content’s SEO.

Using the perfect method of the roll-out of the standard algorithm with updates like Google’s BERT, the search engines are receiving the best and best at knowing search intent. 

Try to target on exceeding your competitors at their game. When a competitor has a content that ranks you with higher shares with six different tricks or tips to generate better content for a YouTube video, maybe you need to make that share eight or nine. 

4. Check at their Social media Engagement:

A company’s social media presence is turning important as they are increasing, and every company is using every platform.  Social media platforms are the ideal method for brands to connect with subscribers and followers. 

Also, businesses utilize these websites to share the content. The next step for your competitive analysis should be to estimate how your competitors are using social media and integrating it into their YouTube marketing. 

Then, check your engagement? Where YouTube posts gather clicks? Do they have fans? Are they retweeted or liked? Are they posting photos that display events or the company’s criteria?

Always remember to ask yourself when you are checking your competitors’ profiles, which means they have a profile, which does not necessarily mean that they are winning with social media.  

5. Find out the areas of Improvements:

After conducting a competitive analysis, you need to get a better knowledge and understanding of what your competitors are performing. If your are want to convert YouTube to mp3 then you can use mp3 juice.

Take all the details you received about every competitor and find the specific areas of your work that can be improved. If you are searching closely, then you are bound to identify something.

You will find the key field that you can increase upon in regards to your content creation, search engine optimization, and social media engagement. Yet you can also support the execution of your company’s presence with capable audiences, blog subscribers, and social media users.

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