Bluetooth Headphones Keep Cutting Out: Problems & Fixes

Bluetooth Headphones Keep Cutting Out: Problems & Fixes - In 2021

Going cordless is unquestionably one of the waves of the future. That is the reason Bluetooth technology has been such an innovation for our increasingly advanced world. There are times when your Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out when connected to your smartphone or any other device.

Because of that, you scramble around, attempting to sort out what on earth is going on with your sound settings. All things kept in mind, the connection should have the option to transmit productively without any interference.

Depending upon your smartphone, or any other device, there can be various issues that make that Bluetooth connection interfere. For most cases, it’s likely the reason for interference that is going between those wireless signals, or even a slight disconnection.

To fix these issues of Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out, we are here to help you in this brief guide.

Why do Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out?

Bluetooth headphones are beneficial to listen to music or keep connected to devices while doing some other work. But when those Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out, it’s so disturbing. Rather than being hands-free, you’re presently hands-on, attempting to sort out what’s happening.

There can be a couple of things that cause the issue in the Bluetooth connection.

1. The Bluetooth on the device is off

This may appear to be difficult if you are experiencing issues connecting your Bluetooth headphones with a device, yet it is likewise very easy to check. I found out why my headphones were not working; the Bluetooth on my device was turned off.

On some wireless headphones, Bluetooth is generally on by itself. However, on devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones, Bluetooth is something that should be turned on in settings. Sometimes, the headphones will turn Bluetooth on and off without your knowledge.


Confirm in your device’s settings that Bluetooth is turned on After confirming, you may then have to re-pair your headphones using the guide found in your headphone’s user manual.

2. Interference from other devices

Every time, you are surrounded by devices and any of these devices can send a Bluetooth signal which will cause interference. All devices that emit electronic radiation can cause your headphone connection to disconnect. Devices like, PCs, tablets, smartphones, TVs, can cause some issues with Bluetooth signals.


First of all, check all the devices that their bluetooth is turned off. The best thing to do is to first turn off Bluetooth in all the devices in your home. Then turn on Bluetooth in your headphones and the device you will connect to.

You can also go to a different location where the headphones will not be in reach of the other devices.

3. Low battery of the headphones

If the battery of your wireless headphones is getting low, you will usually encounter stuttering sounds. Keeping your headphones completely charged. The simplest method to fix the connection issues is to fully charge your headphones.

Before buying headphones, you should always check their battery capacity and the technology of the battery. This will give you a very good understanding of how long you can use the headphones and after how much time will you have to charge them again.

Over time, the headphone’s battery’s capacity will run out. You will then either have to replace the battery if the headphone supports, or you will have to buy new headphones.


Charge your headphones consistently and when the battery begins to die, replace it or purchase another pair of headphones.

4. Headphones can’t reach the device

All Bluetooth devices and headphones have a limit to how far their wireless signals can reach. More distance means fewer signals, which will result in a connection drop, and sound may start to stutter.

Devices with newer Bluetooth technology and components tend to have a longer range of Bluetooth signals. The current greatest reach for Bluetooth is 32 feet (just under 10 meters), however, less expensive devices may struggle to go anyplace close to this distance.


Moving your headphones close to the device you are connecting to will most likely solve the problem. If this doesn’t work, try to get new headphones that support a connection with a longer range.

If you want to buy the best headphone amp under 200 budget, the read this article to pick one model.

5. Compatibility issues

Stuttering sounds and disconnection between Bluetooth can come by a lack of compatibility between the device that you are trying to connect to with the headphones. Various types of Bluetooth versions have been introduced so far. But if your headphone’s Bluetooth technology is older than the device’s Bluetooth, there will be compatibility issues and it also occurs vise-versa. If one of them has older technology, the connection may be interrupted and as a result, it will cause a stuttering sound.


The only method to solve this is to check the headphones and the device specifications and then buy them.


We have given you all the solutions to the “Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out” query and we hope that you will be able to fix that issue.

If you are an old Bluetooth user, then you will know about all these issues with Bluetooth connections. Bluetooth technology seems difficult to some people because they are beginners.

But Bluetooth isn’t really difficult to use. It has the ability to share files at a good speed and is very popular now a days when it comes to watching movies, or listening to music. However, it also has problems and with every new technology of Bluetooth, it gets better and better.

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