Sonam Kapoor husband Anand Ahuja Filed Case On Youtuber

Anand Ahuja has sent a legal notice to YouTuber. Actually, the matter was such that she used to give reactions to people’s old interviews and films through her YouTube channel. And in one of his reaction videos he used some old clips of Sonam Kapoor.

In these clips, Sonam Kapoor had failed to answer some questions asked by the media. While reacting to this video, this youtuber called Sonam dumb. And that is why Sonam Kapoor’s husband did not like this, and he filed a case against her and also sent her a local notice.

Why Anand Ahuja Filed Case On Youtuber?

Actually, like every time in this video, this time also this YouTuber has decided to make a reaction video, but exactly the opposite happened. It has been continuously uploading similar videos on its YouTube channel for the past few months, and gradually its popularity is increasing.

In the same sequence, it also uploaded Sonam Kapoor’s video in which it has included Sonam’s old video. Picked it up and put it in his video and gave his reaction on those clips.

During this reaction, she said some derogatory words about Sonam. Her husband i.e. Anand Ahuja did not like these derogatory words, and that is why he filed a case on YouTube in favor of Sonam Kapoor (Anand Ahuja Filed Case On Youtuber) And also sent him a legal notice.

Who is this Youtuber Ragini

Ever since this issue of Anand Ahuja Filed Case On Youtuber has come to light, all the people are searching Anand Ahuja Filed Case On Youtuber on the internet, and are trying to know about this woman.

Let us tell you that this Reaction video uploader is a YouTuber who uploads the statements given by various types of actors and actresses through her videos, and provides her reaction on it. Her name is Ragini and she runs a YouTube channel with the name raginy. He has a total of seven thousand(7.13k) subscribers on YouTube.

How old is this video

Let us tell you that this video of Sonam Kapoor is about 5 months old, in this video Sonam Kapoor has expressed her inability to answer some questions being asked by the media, and making this the main point, this YouTuber has presented it in his video. And he was called dumb. Only after that Sonam’s husband Anand Ahuja filed a case on this.

What is Anand Ahuja demand ?

Only after this incident, this YouTuber revealed to the people through his Instagram story that Anand Ahuja has filed a case against him. And also told how Sonam Kapoor’s husband has filed a wrongful case against her. Delete that video.

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