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The far reaching dance festival in Abu Dhabi marked its beginning in the year 2013. The festival is termed as “Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival”. It is a three day weekend festival that invites a large number of the top dancers and choreographers from all around the world in different dance forms such as- Salsa, Zouk, Hip hop, Bachata, Cha Cha, Kifro Rumba. The festival has gained popularity all over the world and people from different parts of the world come to Abu Dhabi to attend this amazing and fun festival. Through the help of buzinessbytes, interested parties can get to know more about the festival.

Specialties of the festival:

  1. The festival provides a very special opportunity for everyone to engross and take a part in the outstanding world of dance. The performers get to show their individual talents and skills in dancing and the instructors teach everyone some nice dance steps. All are invited to turn up at the event and exhibit their dancing skills.
  2. The festival includes social nights, dance marvelous shows, and many more things. They get to enjoy the great ‘pool party’ too. Apart from the ll this the attendees will have other fun surprises during this 3-day festival.

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  1. Many musicians are also a part of the Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival. Best DJs from all across the globe take a major part in this festival and to their marvellous music the performers and attendees groove and dance all night.

During the weekend of Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival, ADIDF, all the dance forms roll for the people attending the event and the whole Abu Dhabi too.

  1. The event is said to be the hottest spot to Dance in Abu Dhabi. The artists of the Abu Dhabi International Festival are- Leon Rose, James Castro, Alex de Smet, Bader Duwaisan, Beige Zsuzsanna, Naida Akaeva, Dorottya, Samantha Ho, Nayan De Abrew, Ali Madan, Aasim Radi, Mike Faya, Meli Candela, Moe Jr, Moe Sr, Sara Sarah, and Thuwaini.
  2. The attendees get to enjoy, party, dance and sing along the whole night in this impressive event. The majority of people from all over the world come to Abu Dhabi for the sole purpose of being a part of the “Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival”. Everyone is kept entertained with the breathtaking performances of the artists, the performers, and the instructors. The festival hosts are there to keep them updated with the names of the performers and, d also India, a delightful and pleasurable talk with the attendees.

The team of Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival consists of very hard working people such as- Joe Hall-night M Ayad, Dez Salsero, Chery Baddour, Moe Flava, Henar and Mustafa Omar. Some of the amazing DJ,s of the festival- Dmitri Matalka, MD Sabha, Hagop Tenfezian and Dj Udia. The director of this event is Mohamad Mustapha. He, himself being a dancer, wanted the dance community to grow in Abu Dhabi.


There are Latin themed parties, all night dancing after the shows, a great atmosphere, nice people, graceful dancers, talented attendees and what not. The crowd enjoys their heart out at this festival.


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