7 Common Customer Engagement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Consumer spending rose by 1.5 percent by the close of July this year. This growth is impressive! This is more so considering the current prevailing financial constraints in the post Coronavirus world. 

Even as the economy picks up from the pandemic, your customers remain king. 

Keeping your clients happy at all times is the key to your endeavor to capitalize on the growing consumer spending trends. You need to keep your engagements on point for you to meet your consumer’s preferences.

But how do you ensure that you avoid making the most common customer engagement mistakes? Well, most companies commence building their customer communication tools without considering the many prevailing pitfalls. 

This article teaches you how to build relationships with customers. You can do this by avoiding the following common customer engagement mistakes. Read on for more. 

1. Having Unhelpful Staff on the Frontline 

One of the worst customer experiences mistakes you can make is to have unhelpful staff on the frontline. When clients come to your front desk or call your customer care, they expect to engage staff who can offer solutions. The worst mistake you can make is to have unqualified employees on your front desk. 

This situation is frustrating for customers who expect quick fixes for their underlying issues. Are you looking for a better engagement experience with your customers? The first mistake you must avoid is having unhelpful staffers as your frontline staff. 

Ensure that at all times, you have employees on the front desk who are qualified. It’s easy to build a reputation for positive customer experience by focusing on training.  You can also focus on skill improvements among your frontline staff. 

2. Failing to Factor in Employee Satisfaction

There’s no customer engagement without employee satisfaction. Every organization that has charismatic and proactive customer care staff has also invested in employee satisfaction. The challenge comes where you expect top-notch customer engagement while you are unwilling to invest in your employees’ satisfaction. 

It all starts with both extrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Ensure that when your customers engage your employees, they see happy and content customer-facing staff who are willing to go out of their way. 

3. Forgetting That the Customer Is King 

Most organizations make this common customer engagement mistake. Indicating that the customer is always right might sound cliché, but it’s the absolute truth. 

Unfortunately, most organizations have rigid policies in place. Such an approach affects how they deal with clients in case of trouble. 

The failure to implement flexible terms and conditions is often the worst mistake your business can make. Sometimes, the issue at hand is minor and may not cost your organization much in terms of losses. The solution in such cases is to implement a soft-landing policy for your customers. 

Such an approach allows for a quick and customer conscious complaint resolution mechanism for your clients. It all takes a little flexibility and training for your staff to ensure that they understand the client’s principal is always right. Such activity gives your customers a heads up on how to deal with problematic clients. 

4. Disregarding Feedback  

There’s no communication with clients without feedback. It would be best if you kept abreast of what your customers are saying. This allows you to know the areas that need improvement. 

The first customer engagement mistake you have been making is the failure to gather feedback. The second mistake most businesses make is the failure to implement feedback. 

You can’t benchmark or implement quality controls without customer feedback. The best way to ensure customer retention in your business is to introduce channels for feedback gathering. 

Ensure that you have systems in place to provide feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. Further, ensure that there’re ways to implement such feedback. 

5. Failure to Implement That Emotional Connection 

Customers appreciate that personal touch in their engagement with your staff. Whether it’s by customizing your services in a way that personalizes customer experience or by training your staff. 

For you to adopt a friendlier approach to engagement, emotional connection is critical. 

A recent report by the Harvard Business Review indicates that emotional connection beats customer satisfaction. Every business owner should learn this peculiar reality and work at enforcing it. Sometimes, it only begins with building credibility and consistency. 

A little bit of humor blended with a sense of care will win your customers any day. 

6. Poor Accessibility 

Nothing frustrates your customers more than inaccessibility. How else should disgruntled customers reach you unless you have proper mechanisms for access and response to queries?  If your central platform for communication with clients is via social media, how accessible is the message button?

If your principal platform for engagement with customers is through voice calls, you must ensure that you have people on standby to respond to offer an immediate response. 

Among the common customer engagement mistakes, you could be making is the failure to ensure easy access to your customer care desk. The good thing is that you can utilize the engagement score as a tool to see how your clients rate your customer engagement experience

7. Relying Totally on Machines 

Machines have had an invaluable impact on customer engagement over the years. However, your mistake would be to rely entirely on these machines as the primary customer communication tools. A problem that arises, in this case, is the lack of connection between the customers and these machines. 

The fact that machines can’t offer feedback in real-time presents a concern. This is more so when a client needs immediate feedback. Talking to customers through devices may require a supplementary mechanism through a human touch to communication. 

Avoid These Customer Engagement Mistakes at All Cost 

In case you haven’t smelt the coffee yet, it’s essential to appreciate that the customer is king. This means that you must be able to answer common customer questions with ease and consistency. The only way to do this is to have a team of front-line staff who are well-informed and fully trained. 

You also need to personalize your customer communication tools in a bid to enhance emotional engagement. Once you avoid these common customer engagement mistakes, you’ll be on your way to a better customer experience. 

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