What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a great weapon to deal with the possibility of any future accident or loss. Because such a loss or accident can be made at his house, insurance means protection from risk. If an insurance company insures a person, then the insurance company gives the cost of compensation for the financial loss to that person.

It is given that in today’s time all the things like car, house, phone are insured by the insurance company. In all these, in case of breakage or any loss, its owner has to be compensated by the insurance company according to the condition fixed by the company. If you want to get any information about Life Insurance, read this article carefully.

Today, through this article, you will give information about life insurance for all. Apart from this, the types of insurance, the features of insurance, and its advantages and disadvantages will tell about all these in detail.

Life insurance

Life insurance (life insurance) is the contact between the policyholder and the insurance provider, it is called life insurance, under this, if there is an accident with the person insured in the future or If he then dies, then the life insurance company gives the policy amount to that person’s family according to the life insurance policy made by him, so that even after the death of the earner, his family members are given financial assistance. This life insurance claim amount is helpful to his family members for financial help as he can get help.

Beginning of life insurance

Life Insurance Company is considered one of the trusted companies in India. This company was incorporated as Life Insurance Policy Company of India in 2000 and registered with India’s Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) in March 2001. Went. LIC offers life insurance, pension plans, child plans, investment plans, savings plans, etc., through Life Insurance for all its customers. For this type of policy, you can get information about all types of plans by visiting the official website of Life Insurance entirely online and offline.

Types of Life Insurance

If one person in your family is going to come less and after his departure, life insurance provides some financial assistance for the family members. Do you know how many types of life insurance are information? Let us tell you that there are different types of life insurance? Along with some quality, it also gives a perfect option to get returns through saving and investment. The person who ensures the insurance amount can also be used for the person’s use. Today 8 types of life insurance are done in our country, and a life insurance person can choose a new policy for himself according to his need, let’s know the types of life insurance.

1. Term Insurance Plan

A term insurance plan is bought for a fixed period like ten years for 20 years or 30 years. The individual gets coverage only according to the one term chosen in this plan. It is such a life insurance policy, and it does not have a match and benefit. It provides life cover without trading profit component, i.e., it is very affordable compared to other neighboring terms. In insurance, on the policyholder’s death during the policy term, only the beneficiary gets the Sum Assured under Life Insurance.

2. Money Bank Insurance Policy

Both investment and insurance are amalgamated under a money-back insurance policy. This policy is a kind of endowment policy. The only difference in this policy is that in a life insurance policy, along with the bonus, the Sum assured is returned in installments during the policy term. The last installment is available at the end of the policy, and if the policyholder dies during the policy term, then the entire Sum Assured gets to the beneficiary, although the premium of this policy is the highest

3. Saving & investment plans

This life insurance donation is meant to secure the future of the insured and his family. This plan offers excellent saving tools for short-term and long-term financial goals, apart from providing your family with a certain amount in the form of insurance cover. Money is also assured. This life insurance plan covers both traditional and unit-link plans.

4. Endowment policy

In this life insurance policy, the person has both insurance and investment, which is a risk cover for a fixed period. At the end of that period, the assured sum and the bonus are returned to the policyholder. After the insured person’s death, the amount face value of the policy is paid under the admissions policy in the years determined by him, even if the insurance company pays this policy due to some illness.

5. ULIP Plans

In ULIP plans, both protection and investment remain. The return from traditional, i.e., endowment insurance policy and money back policy, is fully assured to an extent. There is no guarantee in ULIP returns. Because of this, part of the investment in ULIPs is invested in bonds and stocks, and you get units in it just like mutual funds. In this case, the returns are based on the market’s volatility. However, you have to decide how much of your money is to be invested in shares and how much money is in bonds.

6. Whole life insurance

You get protection for a lifetime under life insurance. This policy has no turn and after the policyholder’s death, whose name is in the nominee. That person gets the total insurance claim, and other life insurance policies have a maximum age limit, primarily for 65 to 70 years. In this, a death claim is not available after the person’s death, but under life insurance, the nominee claim is available in the death of the person till 95. Apart from this, the policyholder also can partially oppose the Sum assured in this policy.

7. Child Insurance Policy

 Child insurance plans are designed for children’s education and the needs of many other types of children. Under a child plan, after the policyholder’s death, the entire amount is paid at once, but the policy does not lapse. Abhishek’s premiums are waived off, and the insurance company continues the investment on behalf of the policyholder, giving the child money for a specified period.

8. Retirement plan

Life insurance cover is not available under the retirement plan, and it is a driver solution plan. Under this, a retirement fund can be created by assessing your relationship, in which you or your well-wisher can be identified after the specified period. Usually, the insurance company pays a fixed amount, and this payment is made every month for six months to a year.

Benefits of life insurance

Life insurance provides many benefits in life because it gives all the facilities and benefits in life insurance. For which you probably would have never even imagined. Let’s know about the benefits of life insurance.

1. Safety – In the life of human beings, difficulties keep on coming in some way or the other. Due to all these circumstances and troubles, the person also has to face the financial crunch of money. In such a situation, if you have taken a life insurance policy, then it is considered a perfect protection cover for your future.

2. Long Term Savings – The individual helps in systematic shaving and corpus preparation under this plan. In this, the person can use his policy to build a house for children’s education, the marriage of children, etc. Not only this, but some insurance policies also give monthly payouts in the form of retirement pensions.

3. Right Investment Option – ULIP plan is the right investment plan under life insurance. There are many life insurance plans in the market today, which provide many benefits to the person during the maturity of the insurance product. That’s why ULIP plans are considered very suitable for investment.

Disadvantages of life insurance

If you have taken any plan of life insurance under any company and stopped it in the middle, then the most significant loss is that the insurance cover that is available ends. If someone dies in the event of an accident, you do not get the benefit of giving that. Apart from this, if the policy is run for three years or less, you also do not benefit from insurance maturity. However, there is some relief in unit-linked policies. Except for ULIP plans, you have to pay a huge penalty if you surrender midway in all other policies.


Life insurance is one of the most important means of securing your future in today’s times. Today we have given complete information about life insurance to all of you through this article. I Hope you have understood all the information given by us about Life Insurance. For any information related to this, you can stay connected to our website, or for any other suggestion, you can ask by commenting in the comment section.


What is Life Insurance?

The person has a contract with the insurance company.

How many types of life insurance are there?

6 Type

Is there a pension plan in life insurance as well?


When was Life Insurance started as a full-fledged company?

In the year 2000

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