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Do you know that today a person cannot do anything without money, every work is done with cash when some trouble comes on the person, and he does not have money, in such a situation it seems very strange to ask for a loan from anyone? The first thing is that no one lends money in today’s time because no one has faith in cash.

In such a situation, money is only in the form of a person’s loan, through a bank, or in the form of a loan from a company. It takes, but that process also takes a lot of time. As you all know, we need money today, and we are getting cash from enjoy after ten days or after 15 days, then that money is of no use.

Today we are going to tell you about one such mobile phone application. Through which you can fulfill all your needs by taking an instant loan. In such a way, many mobile phone applications are running in our country today, so that a person can complete all the tasks by taking a loan at the time of his need, but everyone has a different value in their place. Today we are going to talk about it. His name is going to be Palm cash loan.

Let us tell you what Palm cash application is, what are its features, what can be the benefits of taking a loan through Palm cash loan, what are the necessary documents required, how to take a loan from Palm cash, these We are going to give you detailed information about all…

What is a Palm cash loan?

Friends, in today’s time, many such online digital platforms have come. Money transactions are being done online-only, and you fulfill all your needs by taking an instant loan through these. Palm cash loan application is an instant loan giving company. This company works under the guidelines of RBI and is certified by NBFC, so this company can be trusted blindly because there is no possibility of any fraud by taking a loan from here. Till now, 10 lakh people have been given loans through this app. This app was launched on 5 August 2020 through the Play Store of mobile phones.

Loan cost from Palm cash loan

Whenever a person has any big problem, he cannot ask for loan money from any person in such a situation because no one is ready to give money. If you want, you can take an instant mobile loan through the Plum Cash Loan app. It is entirely safe, and there is no fraud of any kind. Initially, the loan amount is significantly less with a Palm cash loan. As you repay the loan amount on time, your loan limit is increased. You can take a loan from ₹ 5000 to a maximum of ₹ 20 lakh through a Palm cash loan.

Time to pay the loan of Palm cash loan

Whenever you take money in the form of a loan through which bank or company, the time is fixed in advance for its repayment. The same happens in all these mobile phone applications. The time has also been selected for filling the loan taken through the Palm cash application. In this, you have to pay the loan amount in monthly installments, and the loan repayment time is at least three months to 1 year.

Palm cash loan interest rate

Whenever you borrow money from someone, you give him some extra money in the form of interest. In today’s time, no one gives money to use for free. Everyone is greedy and makes extra money as interest. When a person takes an instant loan through a mobile phone application, he must pay interest for it. The amount of interest varies from 2.9 percent to 26%, and it depends on the amount of your loan and how much time you will repay the loan. Depends on that too.

Benefits of Palm cash loan

  • A person gets some unique benefits for taking a loan through a Palm cash loan.
  • The entire process is online.
  • The person gets an instant loan.
  • The rate of interest also seems very low.
  • Your credit score is also not seen in this application.
  • A person can take this loan whenever he wants.
  • Very few documents are required in this.

Eligibility of Palm cash loan

  • To take a loan through a Palm cash loan, it is necessary to have some essential qualifications.
  • The person taking the loan should be a citizen of India.
  • The age of the person should be more than 18 years and less than 60 years.
  • The monthly income should be at least 18000 or more.
  • The person taking the loan should be a job professional or a businessman.

Documents Required for Palm Cash Loan

To take a loan through Palmcash Loan, some important documents are required. Let us know…

  • PAN card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Address Proof
  • photo

Procedure to take a loan from Palm cash loan

First of all, to take a loan through a Palm cash loan, the person must have a smartphone, only then can you apply for this instant loan, let’s know how you can take an instant loan…

  • After that, register your mobile number.
  • Login to Palm cash loan application with Gmail account.
  • After that, whatever personal information is in it, fill them all.
  • Fill in all the required documents information.
  • After that check, all this information correctly once and then submit it.
  • Whatever information you have, if it is correct, then your loan will be approved. For this, you may also get a call for verification.
  • After that, the loan amount will come into your bank account within 24 hours.
  • After getting the loan amount, you can use it for your important work.
  • This loan amount has to be paid by you in the form of monthly installments.


Friends, you all know how much money is worth today. What do people do for money? In such a situation, in case of some trouble, a person fulfills all his needs by taking an instant loan through a mobile phone. Today, through this article, we have told you how to fulfill your needs by taking an instant loan from a Palm cash loan application. We have given complete information about this in this article. I hope you liked all this. Please stay connected with our website for more information on this.


When was the palm cash loan app launched?

5 August 2020

How much loan can be availed through Palm Cash Loan App?

Maximum loan of 20 lakhs.

What is the loan repayment time through Palm Cash Loan App?


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