How much loan can be availed from Navi Loan App?

In today’s time, an ordinary man’s income sources are significantly less, and expenses are very high. In such a situation, a person kills many dreams of himself and his family. Because he can fulfil his essential needs, there are still many such works, which a person cannot achieve.

Today we will tell you about one such mobile loan application, through which you can quickly get a loan. The application we are talking about is named the Navi loan app.

 It does not require much paperwork. What is the Navi loan app application, how much loan can be got through the Navi loan application, what is the process of taking a loan through a Navi loan application, what are the documents required? How many types of loans can A person get through the Navi loan app? Let us know about all these essential points…

What is the Navi loan app?

Navi Loan App is an estate lending company. Navi Loan App is an application registered by RBI and NBFC Bank. More than one million people have downloaded this application on Google Play Store. This application was launched as a mobile application in India on 30 April 2020. Through Navi Loan App, any needy person in our country can take a loan for personal work and start any new business. Both types of loans are given through this company, and one is a self-loan and another business loan. You can take advantage of this by taking a loan at your convenience. Apart from this, it does not require much paperwork.

Loan amount from Navi loan app

Through the Navi loan app, the loan is available as per the person’s requirement. A person taking a loan through the Navi Loan app gets a loan in two ways: a personal loan, a loan for a business. If you want a personal loan, you can easily take a loan from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 500000, apart from this. If you wish to If you need a loan for business, then you can take a maximum loan of up to 1.5 crore rupees to increase your business or to start a new business.

The interest charged on personal loans through the Navi Loan app is 6.55 per cent, and the interest on a business loan is 16% to 30%. This interest is annual.

Whenever a person takes a loan through any financial institution or bank according to his need, the lending institution company or bank charges interest on that loan amount. The interest you pay annually or monthly depends on your loan amount.

According to the type of loan you are giving to the borrower through the Navi loan application, the time to read the personal loan is from 3 months to 6 months. If you are taking a loan for business, then it should be The filling time is 25 years. Whenever a person takes a loan amount through a mobile phone application, sometime is fixed for that loan amount. During that time, only that loan amount has to be paid. If you do not repay the loan amount during that time, you may face legal action.

Required documents of Navi loan app

Some essential documents are required to avail a loan through Navi Loan App, which is as follows.

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN card
  • Bank statement
  • Salary slip
  • photo

Important information for taking a loan from the Navi loan app

  • There are some essential rules and regulations for availing a loan through the Navi app. knowing which is very important for a person. Let’s know…
  • You can also apply for minimum and maximum loans through the Navi loan app.
  • It is essential to know in advance what percentage of interest rate loan will be available through Navi Loan Apps.
  • One should already know how to repay the loan amount through Navi Loan App.
  • What are the essential documents needed to take a loan? They all have to be collected in advance, and it is necessary to know about them.
  • One should also know whether the person taking a loan through Navi Loan App is eligible to take a loan or not.
  • The most prominent feature of the Navi Loan App is that you can also take a loan for business through this company.

Eligibility for Navi loan app

For the person who wants to take a loan from the Navi loan app, it is necessary to have some unique qualifications. If the person does not get the required qualifications, he will not be able to get the approval for the loan. Let us know which qualifications are necessary.

  • Citizen of India
  • The monthly income should be at least 18000.
  • The person’s age taking the loan should be between 20 years to 55 years.
  • Civil score over 700

How to take a loan from the Navi loan app

First of all, the person should have a good smartphone and internet connection. After that, through the Navi Loan App, a person can apply for a loan as follows…

  • First of all, the person has to go to the play store of the mobile phone and download the Navi Loan App.
  • After that, this application will have to be installed there.
  • Then your registered mobile number will have to be entered into it.
  • An OTP will come on your number. After entering it, you can log in to this Navi app.
  • When you log in with this ID, all the essential information will have to be filled in.
  • After that, whatever essential documents you have, like Aadhar card, PAN card photo, etc., must be uploaded.
  • All this information will have to be submitted after checking once.
  • If all your information is correct and you have not already taken a loan from any other company, you will get approval to take a loan.
  • After that, the loan amount is transferred to your account through Navi Loan App.


Today we have told you how a person can take a loan through the Navi loan app. Complete information about this is also in this article.

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When was Navi Loan App launched?

30 April 2020

How much loan can be availed through Navi Loan App?

5 lakh

What is the age limit for the Navi Loan App?

21 years or more

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