Top 5 money back plans for better life

Today, due to this corona epidemic, many changes have come in everyone’s life. It is very important to have life insurance to understand these ups and downs in life. In such a situation, if you get the benefit of good returns along with life insurance, then what can be the big benefit for every person, because, in such a policy, you get double benefit, for this you can invest in a money back policy.

In this policy, in case of women becoming a mother in married life, at the time of any need of children or for any kind of medical problem, if you need a large amount, then you can get A wing as well as insurance. You can also secure your life by taking a money back plan, and today we are going to give you information about India’s top five money-back policies through this post.

What is the money-back policy?

For your information, let us tell you that the money-back policy is that. In which you can completely protect yourself and your family. Apart from this, the biggest advantage of buying this policy is that the money that you invest in the policy takes you along with the return.

That is, if you keep getting money as salary after getting the policy done, then it is very good for everyone. Will be good The scheme of money back policy is being liked a lot among Indian customers.

Through this policy, if the insured dies in an accident, then the amount is already determined after getting the policy done to his family, that amount gets to the family if everything is going well, and now you If you are continuously paying your instalments for this policy, then you will get money in the form of returns at regular intervals in all these years for 5, 10, 15, 20 years. The insurance policy itself guarantees this return.

1. New children money back plan

Today, for a better life and good future for the children and for good education, people are leaving the village and coming towards the cities because everyone understands that securing the future of the children is the most important, in such a situation, to secure the future of the children. LIC’s policy has come for its name. LIC Child Money Back Policy Under this plan, the guardian of the policy is proposed, and the holder of the policy is the child.

The term of the policy is from the inception of the policy till the age of the children is 25 years, till this age only you have to deposit the premium, according to this, you policy cut is 13 years from zero, the policy term for this scheme and The premium painter is the same, for children, the policy matures on the completion of 25 years, through the Children’s Money Back Plan.

This policy becomes fully mature on the child’s completion of 25 years and under this policy the child completes 18 years Upon completion of the money-back plan, 20% of the money back is available, that is, 20% after 20 years and 20% of the policyholder gets the share even after 22 years.

The premium details inside the money-back policy are hereby proposed that in case of death, there is no need to deposit the premium, and it does not affect the benefit that you get from this policy. A loan facility is also available through this policy. It is available after two years. After the commencement of the policy, the loan can be taken for any need. If we talk about the rules of tax, then after depositing the premium, one gets the benefit of deduction under section 80. Debt benefit or maturity is tax-exempt under section 10D.

2. Birla Sun Life Insurance Bachat Money Back Plan

Birla Sun Life Money Back plan is a non-party life insurance policy, under which you have to deposit a minimum premium of ₹ 400 months. Only after that your insurance and money back is given by this company. Your age in the event of a thief in the plan also depends on the tenure of the premium chosen, in which you will get the maturity benefit and death benefit for the guarantee as well as this cashback every five years till the end of the policy term. I will get back only 20% of the best premium paid.

3. HDFC Life Super Income Plan

This Life in Income super money back plan of HDFC is a non-linked limited pay plan. Under this plan, after the end of the premium paying period, money is given as cashback to the insured person for the remaining policy term. It goes that if you stop paying the premium amount, then for 8 to 15 years, you can get regular benefits of this plan, if you die due to any reason, then death benefit is also available under this plan, and You get your deposited money back after the maturity of this plan.

4. Reliance Money back plan

Reliance money back plan is one of the non-participatory and non-linked plans. It provides you cashback every five years till the policy term, and till maturity, you get half of your chosen plan under this plan. Your premium will have to be paid in this your total savings gets increased every year through loyalty addition, and you also get a match and bonus as survival benefit at the end of completion of this policy by the company.

5. ICICI Prudential Cash Advantage

ICICI’s Prudential Cash Advantage plan is a participant limited pay plan in which the cashback is also guaranteed by the insurance to prevent you from paying premiums. In this policy, after the completion of 10 years of the policy, you will have to pay an annual premium of ₹ 30000 for five years, after that, you can get ₹ 74451 through this policy as the benefit of maturity, in addition to the benefit of maturity You also get benefit in the form of 12% 6% cashback every year.

Bonuses available in money back policy

Following are the bonuses available on any money-back policy after taking it.

1. Reversionary Bonus – This bonus is declared by the insurance company at the end of the policy year when the policy is completed, and the amount to be paid in case the policy matches and is then accounted for with your death benefit will be paid in that amount. Counting of reversionary bonuses is only as a fixed percentage of the base amount assured. There are two types of reversionary bonuses, one is a simple reversionary bonus, and the other is a compound reversionary bonus.

2. Terminal Bonus – Terminal Bonus is given to the policyholder only on maturity or death of the policyholder once the bonus is paid, and the policyholder also gets this bonus as a reward for the policy term. Keep the policies of this insurance active.


Today we have given you information about the top five money-back plans through this article. I hope you liked all the information given by us. For more information, you can stay connected to our website, or you can also tell by commenting in the comment section.


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