How to take MakeMyTrip Personal Loan?

One of the biggest things in today’s time is money. You all know very well that today every person is running from here to there for the money, because today the rising inflation and expenses have become so much that what should a person do because whatever he monthly salary As less comes, it all ends very quickly. You all know very well, when the money runs out, the troubles increase.

Often, no one lends money even from here and there because everyone is troubled by money, yet the person thinks that he should get a loan from somewhere, and his problem should be solved. But this does not happen, and today we have brought you such a mobile phone application to deal with the same issues or problems in the person’s life, which comes suddenly, through which one can take an instant loan at the time of his need.

Makemytrip This is the app through which a person can take a personal loan or a travel loan for himself sitting at home within 5 minutes, today; we are giving you the facility through this app in which way make my trip Information about the interest that is charged, how much loan up to Rs.

What is the MakeMyTrip app?

First of all, for your Information, let us tell you that you must have known very well about making my trip very well, often you must have heard its name from people’s mouths. Today, you all know that making my trip is India’s number one travel booking company, which started on 17th April 2012. It is a company registered by RBI. Through this company, people can book hotels, flights, trains, buses sitting at home. Today, through this company, advisory loans are also given to needy persons.

MakeMyTrip loan amount

As you all know, when a person requires money, he tries to fulfil whatever may come from taking an instant loan. He needs a solution for his problem. The make my trip loan app has just been launched a few years back. The work of giving loans through this has just started. First, this company was a travel agency company, which you all know very well. Today this company can be trusted blindly, and one can easily take a loan. The maximum loan a person can get through MakeMyTrip can be up to ₹30 lakh. Initially, the loan amount is given less. After that, the loan limit is increased.

Under Makemytrip loan, a person can also take a loan for travel, and if you are fond of doing it, you can take a loan up to ₹ 100000 from making your trip.

Interest charged on the MakeMyTrip loan app

Whenever a person needs money, then stay in such a company, whether the bank gives a loan through any private institution, you all know that nowadays no one gives money without interest. Yes, everyone may provide cash at different rates of interest. This mobile phone application, MakeMyTrip loan, has to pay 0.29% to 35% per year.

Time has taken on the Make my trip loan

Whenever a person takes a loan from there, first of all, the person should get this Information, how much time he will repay that loan, or if that institution is applying for a loan through a bank or mobile phone application. , then that also Information is given in advance, which is how much time the person will repay the loan amount. After taking a loan from MakeMyTrip, the person has to repay the loan amount within at least 3 months in the beginning, if the loan amount is more than at least it gets 3 years, under which the person has to repay the loan if If this is not done, then more charges are levied on your loan amount. You will have to refund the loan amount.

Make my trip loan app Required Documents

To take a loan through the MakeMyTrip loan app, some important documents are also required, based on which the loan is given to the person.

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN card of the individual
  • Correct address proof
  • Bank statement
  • photo

Eligibility for Make My Trip Loan App

If a person is taking a loan through the MakeMyTrip loan application, then some rules and aspects are also required for it, based on which the loan is approved to the person….

  • The person taking the loan should be a citizen of India.
  • Be a job professional or business person.
  • Monthly income should be at least more than 15000.
  • Have an excellent CIBIL score.

How to take the loan with the Make my trip loan app

Through MakeMyTrip Loan Mobile, one can take a loan online sitting at home. Let us know how this loan is taken. The most important thing is that it is essential to have a smartphone with the person. A loan can be given only after that…

  • First, you have to download and install the MakeMyTrip loan application from Google Play Store on your mobile phone.
  • This application must be logged in with a Gmail account or Facebook account by registering a mobile number.
  • After this, the details about all the essential information in it will have to be given.
  • The details of all the necessary documents will also have to be filled in.
  • If the details you filled in are correct, check all of them once and then submit them.

If the given information is correct, your loan will be approved, and the loan amount will be directly credited to your bank account within 24 hours.

The point to be noted in this is that when a person takes a loan for any of his needs or urgent needs, time is given to repay that loan amount if you do not repay your loan during that time. Legal action can also be taken against you, and additional charges are levied on this loan amount.


Today, through this article, we have told you how a person can take a loan at the time of his need and fulfil his needs from the MakeMyTrip loan app. Apart from this, you can also take a travel loan from MakeMyTrip. All the information related to this loan has been given in this article.

 Hope you have understood all the information given by us, and for more information, you can also comment in the comment box and keep in touch with us.


When was the MakeMyTrip Personal Loan App launched?

17 April 2012

What is the loan amount that can be availed through MakeMyTrip?

Up to Rs.3000000

Is MakeMyTrip a registered NBFC company?


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