Top 5 life insurance plans for long life

Today, time is changing very fast. In today’s fast-changing times and new diseases, there is no confidence in the life of every human being, so if we want to see the safety of our family and their future secure, then we should have life insurance for all. Please take a good plan and secure it among them.

At present, Life Insurance Authority provides various types of life insurance policies. Due to lack of information, in a hurry, many people opt for life insurance campaigns tomorrow. Due to which he has to face many difficulties in fulfilling his dreams in the future. That is why you should choose the right policy according to your needs. Today life insurance includes policies ranging from children’s plans to the elderly. People can also opt for a single premium plan to invest like FD.

If you are thinking of a guaranteed return plan for yourself, you can quickly get this plan in life insurance. Today, we will tell you about the top 5 of some such life insurance, which can prove the perfect and best plan for your life.

1. Jeevan Anand Plan

Under the Jeevan Anand plan of LIC, the policyholder is provided with insurance coverage for the entire lifetime. If the policyholder dies for any reason, then his family members get his death benefit in full. Under this policy, after the policy’s maturity, the holder has life insurance. If we talk about the rest of the insurance plan, the insurance coverage plan ends after maturity.

That is why this life insurance policy is also known as life afterlife. Under the life plan of LIC, you can take this plan until you are 21 years of age because, after the maturity of this plan at the age of 41, you will benefit from the complete maturity of this policy if your life insurance goes. Lives. After the death of the policy section, his family members get the entire benefit plane of death under the shirt of this policy.

2. Jeevan Umang Plan

LIC Jeevan Umang plan has become the first choice of all people today because it provides insurance and guarantees along with the whole life. Apart from this, even if you are planning your retirement, you can take this plan under this plan. A lifetime guarantee amount is available only after paying a specified premium. If the policyholder dies for any reason, then his family members get the full benefit.

On completion of the compensation turn of Jeevan Umang Plan of LIC, the policyholder also gets Lifetime Guaranteed Amount which ranges from 7 to 8% of Sum Assured. For example, you have taken a plan of ₹ 1000000. Every year you are getting 70 to ₹ 80000 on this plan. This amount is available after the death of the policyholder. After the end, his family receives the full benefit of it. Under this plan of life insurance, its maturity is considered to be 100 years. If the policyholder survives for 100 years, he gets the total maturity amount. The minimum age limit is 90 days, and the maximum age limit depends on your premium paying term.

3. Single Premium Endowment Plan

This single premium plan of LIC is considered the best and the best plan for those who invest money together, for all those who want to deposit their fixed amount together and get an insurance plan, then LIC for all those people. This single premium admits plan of K is the best and better way just like you get FD in banks for a fixed amount and time, similarly you can get your money under this plan of LIC for a specified time.

If the policy holder’s money is deposited in LIC’s plan for a fixed time, if that policy is completed, then the maturity amount is received by the policyholder. That too, with good returns comes full benefits. If you are thinking of investing in this life insurance plan, this can be the best life insurance plan.

4. Life Benefits

Jeevan Labh’s life insurance plan has become the first choice for all those who also wish to get good returns and insurance coverage. The bonus offered in this life insurance plan is much more than the rest of the insurance red. Because in this plan, you get good returns at the time of maturity. The most crucial thing in this plan is that the customer has to pay his premium only for a very few years.

For example, if you take this plan for 16 years, you will have to pay the premium for ten years and 21 years. After this, you have to pay a 15 years premium, and on a 25-year plan, you have to pay a 16 years premium. The minimum age of 8 and 59 years has been fixed to buy Islam. In this plan, the facility of depositing bonus for three months, six months, and a year is also provided for all the customers. Apart from this, you also get the benefits of a tax loan with this plan. In today’s time, most people are interested in this plan.

5. Life Goals

Lakshya plan is considered one of the best plans of LIC at this time to secure the future of your children. The most crucial thing in this plan is the maturity amount even after the policyholder’s death. In today’s time, the premium of this policy is high, but customers are also given a relaxation of 3 years to pay this premium amount. For example, if the policyholder takes this policy for 20 years, he only has to pay the premium for 17 years.

In contrast, if the policyholder dies before the completion of this plan. Then in this condition, Even though the policy continues, no amount is received from the policyholder’s family. When the back approach is completed on time, it gets 10% of every sum assured to the family of the policyholder till the policy maturity. The minimum age for this plan is 18 years, and the maximum period is 50 years. Through this plan, any person can secure the future of their children.


Today we have given you information about the top 5 life insurance plans through this article. I hope you liked this information provided by us. For any other information related to this, you can stay connected to our website or ask by commenting in the comment box.


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