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In today’s time, there is a shortage of money only if the number of people in the house is earning, because today the need of every person is increasing so much and inflation has also reached its peak, that is why in the salary of an ordinary man, his It becomes challenging to survive. In such a situation, if any problem suddenly comes, then the house’s budget gets completely spoiled.

For these problems, no one is asked for a loan, and it takes a very long process to get a loan from the bank, etc., because many documents are required. A guarantor is needed, or the bank may ask you to pledge some things as security. Only based on that will you be able to get a loan, but all these things will take a very long time, so today to get rid of all these problems, we are telling you about such a mobile phone application, from which you can take an instant loan. You can

 As you all know, today many such mobile phone applications have come in our country, through which all the people who are needy persons by taking loans, fulfill their needs by taking instant loans, the app which we are going to talk about today. Its name is kredivo loan app.

What is kredivo laon app

Kredivo loan app is one such stunt mobile loan lending digital platform through which one can fulfill their needs by availing instant loan at the time of their condition. This company is a company certified by RBI and registered with NBFC. Through this app, you can get a loan at shallow interest and within 24 hours. This company was started in November 2020 as a mobile phone application. Through this application, you can apply for a loan in small and big forms also.

Kredivo loan app price

Initially, the meager loan amount is given through the Kredivo loan application, but you pay this on time, i.e., the amount you get in the form of a loan. You have to pay it every month in the form of installments. Initially, the loan is given on a meager budget, and if you pay the loan on time, your loan limit is increased. The loan amount through the kredivo loan app ranges from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 100000.

Kredivo loan app interest

While making money in the form of a loan, it is also necessary to pay interest because no one gives money for free today. The loan amount is available through the Credivo loan app. You also have to pay interest while repaying it. Interest on the kredivo loan app is 20% to 35% p.a. Apart from this, at the time of taking the loan in the beginning, the processing fee is also to be paid from 5% to 20%. It depends on your loan amount.

The loan repayment schedule of Kredivo loan app

If you take the loan amount from the Kredivo loan app, then at the beginning of applying it, it is told in advance that you are given a loan only based on how much time you have to pay the loan, the loan repayment time ranges from 91 days to 120 days is presented for payment.

If any loan borrower does not pay the loan amount during this time, then more charges will be imposed on your loan amount, or any legal action can also be taken.

Eligibility for Kredivo loan app

  • Citizen of India.
  • Age above 18 years and below eight years.
  • Monthly income 18000 or more.
  • any means of earning job or business
  • Good Civil Score

Documents required for Kredivo loan app

Necessary documents are also required for the Kredivo loan app. Let’s know.

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN card
  • Address proof
  • photo
  • Salary slip or bank statement

Benefits of Kredivo loan app

Following are the advantages of taking a loan from the Kredivo loan app.

  • First of all, the process of taking a loan through this app is entirely online.
  • It also does not require many documents.
  • The person gets an instant loan at the time of any trouble.
  • The civil score is not checked.
  • Your Dawn amount is credited to your bank account within 24 hours after the loan is approved.
  • This app is completely trusted and 100% digital and online.

How to take a loan from the Kredivo loan app

To take a loan through the Kredivo loan app, first, the borrower must have a smartphone. Only after that, the loan can be applied for.

  • First of all, you have to download the kredivo loan app in the play store of your mobile phone.
  • After that, he has to log in to this application with Gmail or Facebook account by registering a mobile number.
  • All the necessary information for the loan given in the Credivo app will have to be filled with the details of all the documents.
  • Submit it after checking all the information correctly.
  • Now you will get a call through the company for verification, in which the details of all the information given by you will be asked.
  • If all your given information is correct, then you will get the approval for the loan.
  • And in 24 hours, the loan amount will come into your bank account.


Today we have told you about one such mobile phone application. Through this, you can fulfill your needs anytime by taking an instant loan. I hope you have written to us. You must have liked this article “How to take a loan from kredivo loan app”. For any other information or problem-related to this, you can also join our comment section. If you liked this article, then do like to share it.


How much loan can be availed through Kredivo Loan App?

2 lakh

Can one get an instant loan through Kredivo Loan App?


What is the age of an individual to avail of the Kredivo Loan App loan?

over 18 years

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