Top 5 health insurance plans for healthy life

A health insurance plan is a great option for the protection of you and your family. They are not getting proper coverage. It is said that whatever the disease may be, it does not come by telling, in such a situation, as soon as the problem of pollution progresses, many other types of diseases can happen to anyone at any time, to avoid them all, if you have taken the right health insurance plan.

If you have made a choice, then it will help you a lot financially. Because it is not possible to get treatment for any type of disease in a good hospital, the reason for this is the problem of money because suddenly it is not possible to arrange so much money after everyone, if you have taken a health insurance plan, then you All these things can be gotten rid of.

Because in times of trouble, if a person has been shaving a little, that also does not work, today we will tell you what is a health insurance plan through this article, why it is necessary to take, apart from this, about the top five health insurance plans in India. I am going to give you information…

What is a health insurance plan?

A health insurance plan is a type of policy under which all your major diseases are described. Under all those diseases, if you get yourself treated or admitted to any hospital, then all the expenses are given by the insurance company. Treatment under the health insurance plan, any type of surgery, any major disease, any part of the body, transplant etc., expenses are met under the insurance plan. Just for all this, when you buy a health insurance plan policy, then you have to pay the premium amount according to the time it is in. After that, you can use this policy anytime.

Why is a health insurance policy necessary?

As you all know, today we are all fighting a very big disease. After the arrival of a disease like Kovid-19, all the people have to go through many financial troubles. In such a situation, if you have protected yourself and your family by taking the right health insurance plan, then it is a good option for you. This health insurance plan gives you complete protection.

To meet all the expenses of the hospitalised doctor, whatever savings you have made in life, you can eliminate these expenses.

  • Coverage of covid-19 and other major diseases
  • Cashless hospitalisation for any sudden illness without any cost.
  • The benefit is also available under the Income Tax Act 800 of the Government of India.

Top five best health insurance plans in India

1. Aditya Birla Health Insurance Plan

Aditya Birla Health Insurance Plan 1 is a company of Birla Capital. Hereby health insurance plans have been made to introduce general insurance plans to its consumers. Today Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company has a lot of names not only in India but all over the world. Today cashless treatment is done by this company in 5850 hospitals in India.

More than 800 fitness yoga centres for all those who have taken this health insurance policy and the facility of which is also provided to all the people. Insurance India people can get relief in more than 2300 pharmacies in more than 250 cities. Under this policy, any patient also gets coverage of AYUSH treatment. Apart from this, fitness centres, hospital centres, wellness centres and diagnosis centres are also covered under the policy by the insurance company.

2. HDFC Agro Health Suraksha Silver Plan

Under HDFC Agro Health Suraksha Silver Plan, this policy is designed to provide proper medical treatment without any worry of cost. Complete coverage of Maternity and Critical Illness is also given. Anyone can easily buy this policy by spending ₹621 per month. Calculation of premium in health insurance plan assuming the age of two adults, i.e., the eldest member is 30 years.

After joining this health plan of HDFC, you get coverage of all expenses, room rent, operation theatre. One hundred forty-four days daycare facility is also provided in it. The cost of treatment of any organ donor is included in its coverage. Free hospitalisation expenses even before 60 days of admission to any hospital are also covered under this plan.

3. Rally Gear Health Insurance Plan

Rally Gear Health Insurance Plan protects you and your family from all kinds of sudden medical expenses. Basic and value-added health coverage has been given in this plan. This plan can also be purchased for an individual or entire family. You have to pay ₹ 845 every month to buy the insurance cover of ₹ 500000 under the policy for a period of 1 year.

Apart from this, the cost of nursing rooms in the hospital, the charges of the doctor, the cost of medicines, all these are covered, the cost of free hospitalisation up to 30 days before the hospitalisation is also included in this till eight days after the discharge from the hospital. You can also incur post-hospitalization charges. Domiciliary hospitalisation taken at home provides coverage up to 10% of the sum assured.

4. Max Bupa Health Insurance Plan

In Max Bupa Health Insurance Plan, you and your family get complete health insurance plan coverage. Apart from this, you also get the benefit of facilities like cashless medical facilities and fast claim settlements under this plan. If you buy the answer to this plan, you will get ₹ 917.

The policy can be purchased by paying every month. Under the policy, the insured gets a claim of up to ₹ 500000 in 1 year. Under this policy, full coverage of hospital expenses is given. No limit has been given for room rent. Post-hospitalization coverage is also given up to 30 days before hospitalisation and seven days after discharge from the hospital.

5. ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

ICICI Lombard health plan is the best policy of all other health insurance plans offered by the company. Apart from this, emergency ambulance coverage and many other facilities have been included in it. It also gives the option of non-renewal for life. Covers The cashless facility can be easily availed at all cashless network hospitals under the health insurance plan.


Today, through this article, we have given you information about the top five health insurance plans. Before buying all these classes, you should buy these policies by taking the correct information from any agent or company, and we have only information purposes in this article. We have told you about the best policy. If you like this information, then you can definitely tell by commenting.


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