Top 5 Gadgets Insurance Policy for Safety

In today’s modern times, gadgets have become very important for us. Business transactions are being done only through mobile laptops, computers and widgets in the Bhagam Bhagwati life. Wireless devices have made our lives easier. We can sit anywhere and do our office work with the help of these laptops and mobiles.

 Staying in the country and abroad, your business can be handled with the help of a laptop on the phone. In the Corona era, with the help of these gadgets, everyone worked from home. In today’s modern times, calendars, watches, and calculators are available to use on mobile itself.

We can easily buy these gadgets from ₹ 500 to lakhs of rupees by any person. We make our life convenient by using small gadgets. But it becomes a bit difficult to keep their gadgets safe. Like you bought an expensive phone worth lakhs of rupees. And in a hurry, your phone falls on the road. Let a vehicle crush him. Then only an insurance policy can save your expensive gadget. Before this happens, buy an insurance policy for your expensive gadget. And don’t worry about this loss.

 We know about vehicle life insurance. But it is rarely heard that the expensive gadgets we are carrying around in our hands are also insured. Through this article, we will know. What is Gadgets Insurance? Through which companies can gazette insurance be done?

What is Gadgets Insurance?

Through this article, we will know what Gadgets Insurance is? There are many such companies in India today that provide gadget insurance policies. You may have a slightly different hearing if you have someone. That mobile is also insured. Like the car, house, etc., is guaranteed. Similarly, mobile is also insured. In case the mobile is stolen. Be damaged. Or many times the mobile gets damaged due to water falling. So in such a situation, it would be more appropriate to buy a mobile within a maximum period of 5 days.

The insurance policy of the mobile depends on the amount of your mobile total. Mobile insurance policies usually provide one year of insurance. But this period can also be 2 years. It depends on the amount of your phone.

Why is Gadget Insurance Policy Important?

When we buy a new smartphone laptop, if it goes wrong, we depend on ourselves. But in today’s time, it is not so. You can take an insurance policy for the laptop of your expensive smartphone.

The company covers damages caused by wear and tear falling into the water. For this reason, many companies have brought insurance policies into the market. So that people can be made aware of the online insurance policy. Can protect your expensive gadgets from damage

You want to buy insurance for your expensive phone and laptop. Here we are going to tell you the names of 5 such gadget insurance companies-

1. My mobile insurance. Com

You can get your phone and laptop insured through my mobile policy. Under this insurance, there is a break in the computer, screen cover in the mobile. And if there is any defect due to any fluid, my mobile company also covers it if you will buy an expensive laptop for your business. Suppose there is any loss in these futures before you get it insured by My Mobile Insurance Company so that the company can cover the damage. And you were saved from harm.

2. Global insurance company

 Times Global Insurance Company is considered the best company to cover iPhone in India. The insurance policy of Times Global Company covers the iPhone for three years out of 2 years. Whether you have bought the phone from India or purchased from abroad. Even then, Global Insurance Company covers the iPhone. Times Global Insurance Company provides insurance on new and used phones as well. Because of new technology, phones with the latest features are available in the market.

Times Global Company provides insurance on laptops, washing machines, old, new smart TVs, other expensive new and old gadgets. Global Insurance Company also provides cover on AC, Microwave, Electronic Appliances. Under Times Global Insurance Policy, you can avail of insurance policy online by sending a photo of your gadget.

3. Syska gadget secure

Syska mobile insurance company provides a security cover for laptops on our mobiles. Your mobile breaks and gets damaged by some liquid. Mobile is stolen. So you can also get the number locked by that company. The gadgets policy company Cisca Gadget Secure is offering a different plan for the insurance of the iPhone. The purchase amount is a bit expensive.

4. Warranty Asia

Warranty Asia Insurance Company. This company is known for insuring electronics products. Warranty Asia Company provides an insurance policy for new mobile laptops. This insurance company was started in 2002 under the name of Warranty Asia Insurance Policy.

This company is located in Delhi, the capital of India. Warranty Asia Company not only ensures the mobile but also keeps the data of our mobile safe. World Asia Company provides insurance protection if the phone is stolen or if a liquid is spilled. Warranty Asia Company also locks the phone in case the phone is lost. Keep your number safe.

5. On-site go

Mobile usage is increasing in India. Suppose there is a loss due to any reason in the mobile laptop, then who will compensate for it. Considering all these reasons, OnsiteGo company has developed an insurance policy to cover any loss of gadgets. OnsiteGo company takes your phone from home. After recovering, she gives it to you at home.

This means the company provides the facility of pick up and drop also; OnsiteGo is such an insurance company. There are different policies available up to ₹ 5000 mobile or up to lakhs of rupees. It ensures your electronic products. She also repairs breaks. You can also buy the policy online from OnsiteGo Insurance Company. Onsitego also provides 90 days warranty after repair of wear and tear.


Through this article, we have given information about the Gadgets Policy. Before taking any gadget policy, get complete details about these companies. Hey, the article’s purpose is to provide you with the policy facility information about Mobile Laptop Electric Appliances. How did you like this article, and do you tell me in the comment box?


Which company is getting a good mobile and laptop insurance policy?

Global mobile insurance companies are considered the most important for giving policy for laptops and mobiles.

Why should you buy insurance for your expensive phone?

Your expensive phone can be covered in case of damage and theft after getting insurance.

After buying the gadgets, the insurance policy covers the gadgets after some time.

90 days

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