How to take loan from Fast Paisa Loan App

Money is such an important thing in today’s time, which never fills a person’s mind. Today people do not do any work to earn money, people earn so much, yet all the needs of their family are not fulfilled. No matter how much you earn every month, but not much money is left in our hands at the end of the month. And worries about how the household expenses will go.

All the responsibility of the family rests on the person doing the job. In such a situation, one cannot ask for money from anyone. Today, even if there are so many people in the house, the amount of money everyone earns is less, because even if there are six members in the house, five of them are working, even then the expenses of the house are not met. In such a situation, when a problem comes in front of you, you may have to face a lot of embarrassment yourself for asking someone for help.

Ask friends from your neighborhood for money from anyone. Everyone will refuse money because maybe you do not have this problem. Everyone has the same problem. In such a situation, you should not even take a loan from the bank. Because that too takes a very long time.

Today, we will tell you about one such mobile phone application through this post, through which you can take an instant loan and fulfill your needs. Today, as many mobile phone applications are running in our country. Through them, the work of transaction of money is also done online. The name of which app we are going to talk about today is the fast paisa loan app.

What is the fast paisa loan app?

Friends Fast paisa loan app is a mobile phone application for giving instant loans. You can take the loan in a very small form through this. Through this, the loan process is done online. The process of taking a loan through the fast paisa loan app is very easy. Any person can apply for a loan, and RBI and NBFC register this application.

This company is mudraarth technology private limited. Till now, thousands of people have been given loans through this company. Its app was started on 20th November 2020 to give loans to all the needy persons all over the India country, that’s why any person can fulfill their needs through this application by taking an instant loan at the time of their trouble.

fast paisa loan app price

Whenever a person has a lot of trouble, at such a time, the person thinks to take a loan or borrow from any person, if you need a lot and no one is lending you money, you can do such a thing. You can fulfill your need by taking an instant loan through a mobile phone application fast paisa loan. Through this application, a person can take an instant loan from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 2 lakh at any time according to his need.

Fast paisa loan app timings

Whenever you borrow money from someone in trouble, then there is also a fixed time to fill it, during that time you have to fill the loaned money but this kind of problem occurs in fast paisa loan mobile phone application. You have to pay the loan amount every month and not in a lump sum. The loan amount has to be repaid in at least three months, and the maximum loan repayment time is one year.

The interest in fast paisa loan app

 When a person helps us in times of trouble or any financial institution bank takes a loan through such mobile phone application, no one lends money without extra charge. A similar fast paisa loan app happens in the mobile phone application. Here the person also has to pay some interest on the loan amount while taking an instant loan. Fast paisa loan app 0.8% interest is given daily. The maximum rate of interest is 30% per annum.

Eligibility for fast paisa loan app

The borrower needs to have the following qualifications to take a loan from the fast paisa loan app.

  • First of all, the person must be a citizen of India.
  • The maximum age should be more than 18 years and less than 60 years.
  • The monthly income should be 18000 or more.
  • Do you have any business or job?

Required paper for fast paisa loan app

Some important documents are required to take a loan from the fast paisa loan app, based on which the person gets the approval for the loan.

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN card
  • Address proof
  • Bank statement or salary slip
  • photo

Loan Process of Fast paisa loan app

  • First of all, you need to have a smartphone to take an instant loan. Only then will you be able to understand the whole process of taking the loan properly.
  • Download and install the fast paisa loan app on your mobile phone.
  • Your mobile number has to be registered in this.
  • Fast paisa loan app needs to be login with your Gmail or Facebook account.
  • After that, all the information is given in it, like name, address, age, address, etc., will have to be filled in.
  • The details of necessary documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, etc., have to be filled in.
  • After checking all this information correctly, submit them.
  • If all your information is correct, then you will get approval for the loan.
  • And the loan amount will come to your bank account anytime within 24 hours.
  • Whatever amount of loan is there, you can spend it according to your need.
  • You will have to pay the EMI of the loan in the form of monthly installments online only.


Friends, today, we have told you in detail about the entire process of taking a loan through the fast paisa loan app, along with all the necessary documents and important information in this article.

Hope you have understood all this information given by us. If you want more information or have any problems, you can ask by going to our comment box and staying connected to our website.


When was the Fast Paisa Loan Apps launched?

20 November 2020

What is the loan amount one can get through the Fast Paisa Loan App?

Up to 2 lakhs.

What should be the mental age of a person to apply for the Fast Paisa Loan App?

18 thousand or more

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