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As you all know, who does not need money in today’s time? In such a situation, a person takes a loan through any institution or bank, but while taking a loan, it is straightforward. In such a situation, what is the process to go through to get a loan? Merely saying a loan solves the problem, but it becomes equally difficult to fill it.

Sometimes the issue of money increases so much that maybe even the loan’s monthly instalment is not paid on time. This can cause a lot of trouble to the person. Where to borrow money to pay the loan, because if the bank loan or any person’s money is not hidden on time, it will insult you, but you may also have to pay more extra charges from your loan amount.

Apart from this, legal action can also be taken against you. To avoid these troubles immediately, the name of the application we are going to tell you today is the Dhani credit loan.

 Let’s learn about the Dhani credit loan application… In today’s time, individuals are removing their every problem through this loan because it is such a digital platform through which money gets deposited in the person’s account immediately.

Initially, its amount is significantly less, but as you keep on repaying the value of that loan on time, your loan amount is increased. Let us know the process of taking a loan from a Dhani credit loan and how much money can be received from a dhani credit loan.

What is Dhani credit loan?

As you all know, today in our country, all the work is done online. Money is also transferred to the account. Due to the increasing popularity of the internet day by day, today the process of money transaction through mobile phone application has also been made very easy, nowadays people do not have to go to the offices of the banks and can easily do online shopping.

Today personal loans, car loans, bike loans, medical loans, etc. loans are also given online through the Indiabulls Dhani application.

Dhani application is an ancient app, and it was started in 1999 by Sameer Gehlot. At present, its CEO is Ajit Mittal. This company is considered one of the oldest companies in our country. At present, it also does the work of giving credit loans.

This company is certified by the Reserve Bank of India and NBFC.

Dhani credit loan amount

As you all know, whenever we apply for a loan through any company or take a loan through Ninth, the loan limit is kept very low in the beginning. After that, if your behaviour is good with them, then your Loan amount is increased, i.e. to take a loan through credit loan application you can take loan up to ₹8000 initially if you tilt the loan amount on time then through this company you can take online loan 1500000 You can take up to Rs, which you can use for any business or any other work.

Dhani credit loan timing

Friends, you all know that when we borrow money from someone, it has to be repaid on time; similarly, when a loan is taken through a government institution, bank or any mobile phone application, it also has to be hidden on time. Suppose, for some reason, and you are not able to fix even an EMI.

In that case, you may have to suffer a lot because of the loan amount that the person gets through Dhani Credit loan application, and it has to be filed within three months to 2 years, although in this, The loan amount that he has to pay in the form of instalments. Which probably doesn’t cause any problems.

Dhani credit loan interest

Friends, you know that Indiabulls Company gives the loan to the person through the dhani credit loan application, then the amount of interest depends on the loan. The interest amount in Dhani Credit Loan has been increased from 12% to 24% from February 2019. Apart from that, the interest rate also depends on your loan amount and how long you want to take the loan.

Dhani credit loan eligibility

  • To take a Dhani credit loan, it is necessary to have the following eligibility.
  • The person should be a citizen of India.
  • Age should be more than 18 and less than 60.
  • The person should be a job professional or a businessman.
  • The monthly income should be more than 15000.

Documents for Dhani credit loan

To take a loan through Dhani Credit Loan, it is essential to have the following documents…

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN card
  • Address Proof
  • Salary slip
  • photo

Benefits of Dhani credit loan

Following are the benefits of availing of the Dhani Credit Loan.

  • One can also get a Personal Loan, Car Loan, Business Loan etc., to take Dhani Credit Loan.
  • It requires only an Aadhar card, PAN card and Gmail account to take the loan.
  • Through this, a person can take a loan of 2500 to 15 lakh rupees.
  • While taking a loan, its interest is significantly less, whenever you guys must check beforehand.

How to take Dhani credit loan

To take a loan through any online mobile phone application, first of all, the person must have a smartphone. Only then you can take an instant loan through your mobile. Let’s know how to take a dhani credit loan. Goes…

  • First, you have to download Dhani Credit Loan Application on your mobile through the play store.
  • Then you have to register your mobile number.
  • After that, it has to log in with Facebook or Gmail account.
  • After that, whatever information and details of all the documents will have to be filled in.
  • Once all the information has to be checked and submitted.
  • If the information you give is correct, you will get the approval for the loan, and the loan amount will be directly transferred to your bank account in 24 hours.

Dhani credit loan late payment charge

Whenever a person takes a loan through any institution or bank, if you miss any monthly instalment, extra charges have to be paid. Dhani Credit Loan levies monthly payments up to 3%.


Today we have given you complete information about how to take a loan through Dhani Credit Loan. As you all know, in today’s time, everyone needs money. In such a situation, individuals can complete their work by taking an instant loan through a mobile phone application online, and I hope you like all the information we gave.

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