What is Cash Been Loan App?

You all know that in the last two years, in the Corona era, along with everyone, most of the poor and middle-class families had to face a lot of troubles. Some such problems used to come every day in the family.

Because of which we cannot even ask anyone to borrow money in the form of a loan, because this time has turned out to be so bad that people do not have money, even if they are, people do not want to give, because there is fear in everyone’s mind, That someone should not run away with money or do not know whether he will be able to get it after giving money or not. Due to all these problems, you cannot even take loans from banks because it takes a very long time for loans, even in the bank.

Today we have brought you such a mobile phone application, which gives instant online loans, to overcome these problems. Ever since the time of the corona period in our country, everything has started happening online only. In such a situation, the work of money transaction also started happening more online, and people considered the medium of online payment right. The name of the app we are talking about Today is the cash bean loan app.

Cash been loan app is an instant loan company. Today we are going to tell you through this article how to get a loan from the Cash been loan app, what is the whole process of taking the loan, what are the necessary qualifications to take a loan from Cash been, what is Cash be loan app, Today we are going to tell you in detail about all these…

What is the Cash bean loan app?

Cash Bean Loan App is an instant loan lending application. Through this, any needy person can meet their needs by taking a loan in a time of trouble. Cash Bean Loan App works as per the guidelines of RBI and is registered with NBFC. It is an Indian company, and its office is in Delhi. CashBean Company is one such instant loan company. Any person sitting in any corner of India, anytime, anywhere, at any time, can fulfil the needs by taking an instant loan.

Cash bean loan app price

In the same, he thinks to take a loan through an online instant mobile phone application. Information about the same interest, timing, processing charges etc., is given in advance for availing the loan. You all know if a person is in dire need of such. In such a situation, you should think carefully and take an instant loan with the correct information.

Whenever we take a loan through any mobile phone instant loan application, the loan amount is initially given significantly less in it. When you apply for a loan, in the beginning, you can quickly get a loan of 1500. Apart from this, if your transaction is correct with this application, you will soon get a loan of up to ₹ 100000 through this app.

Interest charged on cash bean loan app

While taking a loan from Cash Bean Loan App, its interest is 33% per annum, which means every month, you have to pay interest of 2% on it. Apart from this, some processing charges and 18% GST charges are levied initially on the loan amount. With this amount, you also have to pay all these charges. If you do not repay the loan amount on time, then EMI late fee is also levied on your loan amount.

Cash bean loan app timings

CashBean Loan App is an instant loan provider. By this, whoever is in need? He can easily take a loan in significantly less time. You can easily use the Cash been app anytime, anywhere, sitting at home. The loan repayment time given by CashBean Loan App is at least three months. If you do not repay that loan amount within three months, its maximum tenure is 120 days. During this time, you have to pay the loan. If you do not pay the loan to us, more charges are levied on your loan, or you may face any legal activity.

Documents Required for Cash Bean Loan Apps

Some important documents are required to avail of an instant loan from Cash Bean Loan App. Without these, you cannot take a loan. Let us know what the essential documents required are.

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN card
  • Correct address proof
  • CIBIL Score 700 or above
  • photo
  • Bank statement or salary slip

Eligibility for taking Cash been loan-

  • Be an Indian citizen
  • Your age limit should be between 18 years to 58 years
  • You have a specific bank account
  • Job or own business
  • Monthly income 18000 or more

Loan process from Cash been app

To take a loan from Cash Bean Loan App, the person must have a good smartphone and internet connection. Only after that, you can apply for an instant loan. Let us know about the process of taking a loan.

  • First of all, we will install the Cash bean loan app from the google play store. After that, register your mobile number.
  • After this, fill in your details and all the documents details in it and then apply.
  • After filling in all the details, you will receive a verification call.
  • After taking all this information, you will have to fill the e-loan agreement.
  • If all the information given by you is correct, then your loan will be approved.
  • The loan amount will be credited to your bank account in 24 hours.

Loan payment with Cash bean loan app

To pay EMI in the Cash Bean Loan app, your account number is linked to the number given in the loan and the amount of your income you have given in it. The loan amount is deducted at the end of the month. There are multiple modes of payment through the Cash Bean Loan app. In all of them, you can pay the EMI of your loan through Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, or you can pay your EMI through the same by turning on the Cash Win mobile application, because in that first about the loan payment. It is told from now on.


If you want to know any other information about CashBean Loan with the help of this article, then you can ask by commenting in our comment section and connecting to our website for more details.


What is the initial loan amount one can get through Cash Bean Loan App?

1500 rupees

Is CashBean Loan App Company registered with NBFC Company?


What is the interest charged on Cash Bean Loan App?


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