Top 5 Accident Insurance Plans

In today’s time, having insurance has become very important. There are many types of insurance such as Life Insurance, Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, etc. Overall we can say that almost everything in life can be insured. Today we are going to tell you about Accident Insurance.

Here you may have a question: If someone already has life insurance, what is the need to take an individual accident insurance plan. So we would like to tell you that the money of the life insurance policy is available only on the insured’s death. Apart from this, accidental injury is not covered in these plans. At the same time, accident insurance covers damages, physical disability, or even death due to an accident. In the end, the insured takes this plan due to an accident, and the nominee gets the claim quickly.

There are many accident insurance plans available in our country that cover the expenses along with the injury caused due to the accident. Today we will tell you about the top 5 accident insurance plans, but before that, let us know why it is beneficial to take accident insurance.

What is the importance of taking accident insurance?

Most people do not understand the importance of taking accident insurance cover to avoid buying it. However, it protects your family from financial troubles if you die from an accident. Therefore, it is wise to take accident insurance while thinking about the future of yourself and your family. If you have not taken Accident Insurance, you, unfortunately, die due to an accident or become physically disabled for life. Through this plan, your family gets financial help.

Apart from this, a lot of money is spent on the treatment after the accident, which can break the back of any family. Therefore, to avoid any such situation in the future, you should take the right accident insurance on time. There are many benefits of taking accident insurance which are as follows.

security and peace of mind

During any accident, either the person may die or become handicapped for life. The result of this is that it affects their earning ability. However, with the help of accident insurance, your family gets financial security as well as a claim for death due to an accident. Apart from this, the accident plan helps you maintain the family’s financial security in your absence, due to which there is peace in your mind.


Many people believe that taking an insurance plan is a tedious task, and it requires a lot of documents. Although, in reality, it is not so, when you take accident insurance, you do not even need to worry about the documents required for it. You have to give some basic information for this, after which your policy is issued.

no medical test needed

You are not required to undergo any medical test while taking accident insurance, as a medical examination is required before taking a health insurance policy.

Simple Claim Process

While buying accident insurance, the policyholder wants the claim process to be straightforward. Irrespective of the accident insurance policy you have taken, the claim process is quite simple. You only have to submit the claim application to the insurance company to make a claim. As soon as the insurance company passes your share, the claim amount is given soon after.

wide coverage

There are geographical restrictions with different types of insurance plans, which means that if a claim is made outside the jurisdiction of the insurance company, it will not be paid. However, there are no such restrictions with most accident covers in India. Most insurance companies provide coverage to the insured all over the world.

So far, we have known why accident insurance is necessary. Let us know which accident insurance in the country currently comes in the top 5.

Aditya Birla Personal Activ Secure-Personal Accident

Aditya Birla Insurance is a well-known name in insurance in the country. Aditya Birla Insurance has come up with such an accident insurance plan for its customers in which they get a lot of benefits. The name of this plan of Aditya Birla is Personal Active Secure-Personal Accident Plan. You can get this very healthy plan at a beautiful premium. Under this plan, you get many facilities which are as follows.

In this plan, you are provided coverage for repairing or altering a vehicle or house.

You are also given a cumulative bonus of 5% every year.

This plan from Aditya Birla Insurance Company also allows you to hire a personal coach or trainer to help you recover from injury faster.

Bajaj Allianz Personal Guard Plan

Bajaj Allianz, another leading insurance company in the country, brings you an excellent accident plan for unanticipated expenses and financial protection for your family. This plan from Bajaj Allianz protects your family from all the troubles caused by accidents. Let us know what the insurance company offers you in this accident plan.

If the insured becomes disabled for life due to an accident, he will be given 125% of the total sum insured by the insurance company.

If the insured dies due to an accident, then, in that case, the cover is provided by the insurance company for the education of the children of the insured.

Other medical expenses are also covered in case of injury due to an accident.

HDFC Ergo Personal Accident Insurance Plan

HDFC Ergo offers a lump sum amount in this accident plan for you to cover against medical expenses arising out of accidents.

In this plan, cash is provided by the insurance company for the treatment of the accidental injury.

The plan also covers the expenses incurred by ambulance and other transportation due to an accident.

Anyone between 18 years to 65 years can take this policy.

Max Bupa Personal Accident Insurance Plan

This accident plan by Max Bupa covers all the expenses due to an accident. Following are some of its main advantages.

This accident plan covers permanent partial disablement, and 100% of the sum insured is given.

In case of death due to an accident, up to Rs 5000 is given for the funeral expenses.

There is no third-party involved; hence all claims are processed and cleared by HDFC Ergo’s customer care team.

Care Personal Accident Insurance

This personal accident insurance policy from Care Insurance will solve all the injuries and all the problems that occur after the accident. Following are some of the unique benefits available in this accident insurance plan.

If a personal nurse is required in case of injury, that facility is also provided in this plan.

This insurance plan provides mobility and prosthetic devices such as artificial arms, legs, and other medical equipment such as wheelchairs.

You are given a loyalty benefit in this plan for your renewal every year.


No one knows about any accident in advance. Accidents can result in fatal to fatal injuries. It is tough to recover from the financial burden on our pockets due to accidents. So, taking an accident insurance policy is a wise thing to do. Today we have given you information about 5 top accident insurance plans. If you have not taken any accident insurance plan yet, do not waste any more time taking it and getting an accident insurance plan today.


What is an accident insurance plan?

An accident insurance plan covers all the expenses arising out of an accident.

What is the maximum age to opt for an HDFC Ergo accident insurance plan?

65 years

Wheelchair facility is also covered in the accident plan of which insurance company?

Care Insurance

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