Vastu Shastra Transpose People’s Lives : Acharaya Pankit Goyal

Pankit Goyal has made a unique niche for himself at a very young age in the field, which has helped him stand apart from the crowd.

He is the youngest and one of the best Vastu consultants in India, who has now become an expert and a coach spreading his knowledge to others with his courses.

 The world is divided between two kinds of people, one who believes in the concept of ‘will go with the flow’ and others who are believers. By believers, we mean the ones who believe in the supreme power of the universe and the ones who also believe in certain sciences that have been very much a part of our Vedic scriptures, like Vastu Shastra. It is indeed a fact that the many planetary positions and stars govern our lives. However, one cannot deny that hard work also plays a huge role in defining a person’s journey and success.

We came across a high-performing professional and an ace Vastu consultant named Acharaya Pankit Goyal, who explains how Vastu can change people’s lives completely, as it did for him. To spread his knowledge and learnings, this young talent has now turned into a coach and his incredible courses that go ahead in transforming people’s lives for the better.

 Pankit Goyal has made a unique niche for himself at a very young age in the field, which has helped him stand apart from the crowd. He was born in 1993 in Suratgarh, Rajasthan, and since the very beginning, if anything that attracted him the most, it was the Vastu studies and concepts, astrology and the like. Today, this young talent is based in Delhi and has garnered much fame and recognition as a noteworthy Vastu consultant, expert and coach.

 Helping people solve their unanswered queries, leading them to solutions they seek, have become a way of life for this youngster, who is driven to guide people to their ultimate source of happiness and calm in life through the power of Vastu Shastra. It has also earned him several celebrity clients. What’s even more amazing to learn about him are the courses he has designed for people for helping them create a career out of it and provide more employment opportunities, especially now to benefit them amidst these trying times.

 His first course is free and for anyone and everyone who wish to learn this science and create a career out of the same. Pankit Goyal highlights that this course is great for beginners who want to understand Vastu and help others solve their problems, driving more happiness into their lives.

His courses include Devta course, Astrology and Numerology at affordable rates. Pankit Goyal also mentions that a person becomes eligible for the business growth course after studying all the courses. This helps develop an intuitive power within and enables them to join the Advance Vastu course, helping them become the Samrajya Vastu consultant, certified by Acharaya Pankit Goyal.

 Pankit Goyal’s noble goal to transform people’s lives through his courses and consultancy in Vastu Shastra has propelled him forward in the industry and has given people employability.

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