Truth behind wearing a bikini : Sharmila Tagore Bollywood actress

Truth behind wearing a bikini : Bollywood’s versatile actress Sharmila Tagore has told that Faisal getting married, having children and wearing a bikini was against the rules at that time. But the actress did all this based on her own wishes and also kept other people’s views in mind.

While talking to The Quorum, Sharmila Tagore said, “I have lived my life following my beliefs. And I’ve made a lot of decisions that went against the grain at the time – getting married, deciding to have kids because I believe the body has its time. There’s a time to wear a bikini and a time to do something else. Time of life is very important, adjust to the changes, move with the times, keep yourself relevant. For this you have to adjust to your environment and learn from everyone.”

In this interview, Sharmila has also given a great advice to people to choose the profession of acting. Sharmila said that young people should not become actors because of the glamor of this industry. Sharmila said, “Many people want to become actors today because they think it is a glamorous profession and you can buy a car, a house and everything in three years, whereas any other profession takes you much longer. It will take time. But you don’t understand the fragility of other challenges.” Sharmila’s young people should look at the profession of acting beyond glamour.

Apart from this, Sharmila has also advised women on how to live their life according to their own calculations. Sharmila said that first you have to think what you have to do? And again he has to receive it in a very polite manner.

Talking about Sharmila Tagore’s work front, she was recently seen in the film ‘Gulmohar’ with Manoj Bajpayee. 

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