I have no work please give some work : Tiku Talsania

Actor Tiku Talsania, who has worked in superhit comedy films like ‘Ishq’, ‘Dhol’, ‘Hungama’ and ‘Jodi No. 1’, is struggling a lot these days to work in Bollywood. Tiku, who was recently seen in the Gujarati web-series ‘What the Fafda’, has said that he does not have much work right now.

In an interview to indianexpress.com, Tiku shared his views on not getting work in films and said, “I have not stayed away from films, but I should get a film. I should get a role in a film which is suitable for me. Of course, I like to work. It’s not like I’m taking retirement or anything, but I have to get roles, I don’t have any roles, so how do I do that? I am currently “partially unemployed”, and actively looking for work. And am still giving auditions in search of good roles.

Apart from this, Tiku has also shared his views on the changes in current cinema. Tiku said, “Gone are the times when there used to be formulaic films with cabaret dance, two love songs and comedians would come and do their work and go away. All that has changed now. Now story has become the main thing in films. So unless you become a part of the story, or you get to play someone whose story is related to the story, you don’t get the work. I am a little unemployed right now, I want to work, but I am not getting the right kind of roles.

Talking about Tiku’s work front, he was last seen in Bollywood in Rohit Shetty’s film ‘Circus’, which flopped at the box office. Apart from this, his Gujarati web-series ‘What the Fafda’ has just been released.

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