Sonam Chanawala is now at the peak of her professional and personal life!

Early 30’s and you think it’s over!? That’s not the way Bharuch diva Sonam Chanawala thinks though! Not only is she a dreamer, but the one who chases dreams till she makes them come true. Her passion for art, literature, music, and fashion has propelled her towards her goals, leaping over the obstacles towards the path of success. This article is all about the journey celebration of Sonam’s achievements, who is at the peak of her professional and personal life.

Born into a Shia Ismaili Muslim family, Sonam’s upbringing was very liberal and she has never faced any restrictions. In fact, she was always encouraged to do whatever makes her happy. This kept her out of all the societal constraints and restrictions.

She is Masters of Arts(majors in history ) from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, which is one of the most reputed universities of Gujarat. Although her full family was into commerce, she chose arts, as her enthusiasm pushed her into it. She was a very dynamic student to make it big someday.

She never faced any constraints that stopped her from getting success. Even today when women are still under judgmental comments, myths, and patriarchal society, Sonam Chanawala decided to make a statement for every woman out there. For the women, who are discarded under bullying society and judgmental communities. She never faced any struggling phase, but she took few decisions that encouraged her to acquire some readings.

Sonam is a blessed writer and recently she became the co-author of a famous anthology named “Unleased thoughts”.

She is one of the best-known fashion bloggers in India and Amazon verified influencer. She is standing at a place with immense pride. As she represents many women and teaches them whatever she could. Her work is always lauded by groups for her creativity.
The dazzling diva has been featured in many verified and other brands like Quancious, Kaftedwithhappiness, is.Ufashion, yellow chimes, H&M style by you, Redwolfdotin, KOOVSfashion, Wearyouropinion, Berrylush, the label life, Trufflecollectionindia, be_sukhiaatma, For her fashion choices, and more. She has collaborated with all these brands on Instagram and is quite active on social media.

She is an example of a courageous and enigmatic character. She never falters to dream big. That’s how she is distinct – the one who believes in a method, hard work, and not in outcomes. Sonam Chanawala is the real hero of society.

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