Singing & Music Sensation Sangwan Morkheri Wala

Sangwan Morkheri Wala (Sandeep Kumar) an Indian singer and artist of Haryanvi Music industry, is working towards transforming the music world. He is the face behind many hit Haryanvi songs.

The Morkheri (Rohtak) Haryana, based music & singing expert has grown his skills during the pandemic. With revolutionized music concepts, he has helped startups, artists to connect with their audiences in the virtual world.

Starting his journey from scratch, Sangwan Morkheri Wala has reached great heights in the music industry while inspiring fellow serial artists. Learning the tricks of the music making through online courses, he paved his own path and become a reason for the exponential growth of his colleagues. Evolving with the changing time, he adopted the emerging trends of the music world.

Commenting on the journey of his carrier, Sangwan Morkheri Wala says, “With nationwide lockdown, 2020 was an interesting year for singers and artist to experiment their music & acting strategies. The world has increasingly been moving towards virtual communication and the digital ecosystem has acquired many new users, thereby making video songs perhaps one of the most effective mediums to reach out to their respective audiences. Despite initial setbacks, we saw songs & music taking the center stage while allowing people to shift from traditional to modern music mediums.”

He further adds, “As people are making modern music videos their first choice now, companies, as well as artists, need to implement integrated strategies for to listeners’ needs at every touchpoint of the listener journey.

Integrating the new music approach, the serial singer become the game-changer for new beginners rather than just drafting a nice-to-have strategy. As per recent reports, the Haryanvi music industry is growing at a rate of 25-30 percent in India annually. India is one of the leading countries in the world to have the largest YouTube, Facebook & Instagram population.

The social media channels, high-speed digitization, online portals, etc. have led to the exponential growth of music skills. Observing the growth in the music industry, Sangwan Morkheri Wala has evolved and emerged as a smart music professional that delivers songs further with greater efficiency.

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