Sehar Shinwaris Tweet Goes Viral On India-Bangladesh WC 2023 Match

Ever since India has defeated Pakistan team in the Cricket World Cup match being held in India. Since then the fans of Pakistan have been venting their anger on their own team. The limit has now been reached.

When Pakistanis want India to lose tomorrow’s match against Bangladesh. It is being claimed in the news that not only Pakistani cricket fans are making these prayers but a famous actress there, Sahar Shinwari, also wants that India should lose to Bangladesh in tomorrow’s match.

Sehar Shinwaris Tweet Goes Viral

A tweet by Sahar Shinwari regarding the India-Bangladesh match is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which Sahar is praying for India’s defeat. Sahar, while tweeting on her social media handle After this tweet by the actress, people in India want to know who this Sahar Shinwari is. Which is praying for India’s defeat. Sahar has written on his social media handle X that it is only Bangladesh team which can teach a good lesson to India.

However, the actress is also being trolled for this tweet. Even before this, Sahar Shinwari has made many tweets about India. Even during the 2022 T-20 World Cup, Sahar had created discussion by tweeting. Then she had written that if the Zimbabwean team defeats India, she will marry a Zimbabwean boy.

Apart from this, Sahar has created discussion by tweeting about the match between India and Sri Lanka. This is the same Sahar Shinwari who had predicted the defeat of BJP during the Gujarat Assembly elections. Overall, it can be said that Sahar often makes headlines for her such tweets.

Sahar Shinwari belongs to Hyderabad, Pakistan. He started his acting career with Sher Sawa Sher which was a comedy show. Apart from this, she has also hosted many shows. Sahar Shinwari is very active on social media. Apart from Twitter, he now has a huge fan following on Instagram.

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