Importance of Second National Film Award : Pankaj Tripathi

Bollywood’s talented actor Pankaj Tripathi has received the National Award for the second time. This time the actor has received the National Award for Best Supporting Actor for the film ‘Mimi’. Pankaj, who has won the National Award for Newton in the year 2017, told why this time’s National Award has been special for him?

Talking to Hindustan Times about this, Pankaj Tripathi said, “When he won the National Award for Newton, his daughter could not come, but this time, her school was closed, so they were happy to bring her along. And his wife was most happy to see him on that stage once again.

His daughter took pictures and made videos of him while he was receiving the awards.’ Moreover, he is not very active on social media, so his daughter posted glimpses of the ceremony and asked Pankaj, ‘Aapne nahi kia abhi till’. And Pankaj said, ‘Well, I didn’t know you posted it.’ I was so busy after the ceremony that I met him four hours later.”

Apart from this, Pankaj also told that when Ranbir Kapoor had come to the National Film Festival for the first time, he was repeatedly asking the actor about small things. Pankaj said, “At the time of the ceremony, and even afterwards, many people met me and said, ‘We are very happy that you have received the award’.

Ranbir kept asking about small things, ‘How is this, how is that, you have come before too.’ Everyone said that your success seems very personal. I felt very humbled and emotional that as an actor I have been able to create such a strong bond of love with my audience. And it’s not just because of the roles I’ve played or the acting I’ve done. The life I am living plays a big role here.”

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