Rhea Kapoor film ‘Thank You For Coming’ has received a lot of hate

Sonam Kapoor’s sister Rhea Kapoor’s film ‘Thank You For Coming‘ has received a lot of hate, this film has not been liked by the audience.

Recently the film ‘Thank You For Coming‘ was released in theatres, this film was rejected by the audience. This film was not particularly liked by the audience, apart from this the film was given negative reviews by both the critics and the audience. Meanwhile, the producer of this film Rhea Kapoor has given a befitting reply to the hate speech received from a journalist for her film.

Rhea Kapoor, without naming the journalist, shared a post on her official Instagram handle and wrote, “I have never read trade websites nor have they ever told me what films I want to make. However, it has come to my attention that a so-called ‘trusted’ trade journalist has been posting dangerous hate speech against me and my co-producers. While admitting that he has not seen the film, he is upset with our film’s message of ‘leaving shame to women’.


Rhea further wrote, “Saying that these stories have no place in ‘Hindi cinema’, they make misogynist rhetoric and promote violence against us. I was told not to pay attention to the ramblings of an unstable person. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I found out that this person actually has some influence over the way our industry feels. How do we agree with this? We not only agree, but we are also accepting it. Despite people like him, I can’t stress enough how much it means to me for this film to get out there, to be loved and seen.”

In the end Riya wrote, “The intention of this film was clear from the beginning. To reject shame, reject your past hurts and embrace yourself just as you are. I will no longer follow the bondage that society is comfortable with me and for your sake, I hope you will not do the same.” On this post of Rhea, her sister Sonam Kapoor also supported her and wrote, ”That’s it. A loser who is scared of women. Go and watch ‘Thank You For Coming’.”

However, some fans are supporting the journalist by commenting on this post of Riya and are calling this film a useless film. Describing this film as useless, one fan wrote, “The film is very bad, only sex is shown.” Apart from this, another fan took a dig at this film and wrote, “The most disappointing.” You have a father who thinks about still being young, instead of doing some meaningful roles. The film and the makers should be ashamed… a porno could have been made instead.”

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