Pushkar Raj Thakur, Training Youth To Achieve Financial Freedom

Social media sensation and leading businessman Pushkar Raj Thakur is working to train youth to Go Self Made and achieve financial freedom. His success story has inspired millions of people worldwide.

Pushkar Raj Thakur stepped into the business field at the age of 17 and started his first coaching Institute. He hired faculty of different streams, and together they taught thousands of students offline. With the developing world and through social media platforms YouTube, he has been inspiring millions of people to self-made. He also launched the training and consultancy firm ‘PRT Global Solution.’ Later on, he started Coursedes Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd and Goselfmade Pvt. Ltd. to inculcate skill-based education. ‘Don’t blame God or your parents if you don’t have money. This is the reason that you need to uplift, grow and succeed. With this message for society, Pushkar Raj Thakur is consistently working to bring innovation among entrepreneurs.

Financial freedom is a common term we come across every day. There have been numerous definitions for the same term, which differs from person to person. The simple meaning of financial freedom has enough income to meet up your living expenses. Being rich is not the right phenomenon for being financially independent, but having enough to cover your expenses so that one can utilize their precious time and potential over the things they love doing rather than just doing a job to earn a living. Financial freedom requires correct financial planning. Pushkar Raj Thakur has a series of videos on how to achieve financial freedom, which motivates millions of audiences to earn independence. Other than videos, he also wrote books on how to self-made and ways to achieve financial independence. One can easily avail of these books on Flipkart and Amazon. ‘The best benefit of making a lot of money is that you increase your value incredibly, and without increasing your value, you actually can’t make a lot of money.

“There is only one freedom in the world, and that is financial freedom.” To achieve financial freedom, one has to adopt several practices:

1: Set your Goals Today- Create some life and general goals for which you will need money. These goals will intertwine saving and investing. Start today with your investment because it’s never too late to start investing in future.

 2; Stick to your Budget plan- living on a practical budget helps to achieve goals. Depending on your earning, draw your budget, allocate funds in different categories, and try level best to follow it every month.

3: Develop investment habit- investing help in creating long-term wealth. It is important to invest according to your goals and needs.

4: consult a wealth coach- A normal person finds it difficult to understand the various intricacies of investing, so it’s better to approach professional wealth coaches who use their experience and skills to recommend the best investment option based on your investment goals and other factors.

Make financial freedom your long-term goal and start working for it to achieve financial Independency.

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