Prabhjot Singh : 19-year-old rising singing star from Punjab

Prabhjot Singh’s love and dedication for music gives life to his singing and attracts the audience unconsciously towards him.

Aprofession that has always shone bright for every teenager has been singing. We all have, at some point in our life, enjoyed singing to the fullest when no one was watching, with a TV remote as mic and using our surroundings as an audience.

But only a few of us were able to give wings to dreams and fly high. The story of 19-year-old Prabhjot Singh, a young and emerging artist from Chandigarh, is one such tale.

Prabhjot drives his musical notation through love and passion. His love and dedication for music gives life to his singing and attracts the audience unconsciously towards him. He is evolving everyday as a person as well as an artiste.

Prabhjot began his journey when he was 16-years-old and has grown up a lot since then — from an amateur artist to a rising star. He believes early adopters can bring a change in society.

Hoping for a bright future for artistes, he wants to see more hearts and souls filled with passion when one decides to become an artiste.

Till then, Prabhjot will keep inspiring every artiste out there, giving them hope and encouraging their dreams so that with every passing day, the world is full of people with traditions, values and knowledge to appreciate and encourage young and aspiring artists.

To conclude, Prabhjot would like to tell you that his goal in life is to cultivate the seeds of singing in every aspiring individual so that even years later, music remains alive in all its glory.

He aspires to impart his knowledge and help people connect with Indian roots and traditions. Our country India is famous for its cultural diversity and he is doing his bit to keep the culture alive.

Soon Prabhjot will also open his own studio, his motive is to spread his knowledge to every individual who is keen on growing and keeping our art forms alive.

He also mentioned that his passion for music has given him many things in life that he had not expected. His love for singing helps him reach millions of people at once and hopefully, he will make an impact in their lives that they will remember and cherish him.

Realising his dream at an early stage of his life, a message from Prabhjot : “To all of you out there, Just trust your inner voice, challenge the crowd and believe in yourself. Because if you don’t then who will?”

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