Nithya Menen breaks silence on harassment rumors by Tamil actor

Nithya Menen harassment rumors update : South actress Nithya Menen has finally spoken about the news of being exploited by a Tamil actor in her recent interview. What has the actress said about this

Last month, a news about Nithya Menen, one of the most beautiful actresses of South Cinema, went viral. In what Rai said, it was said that theater in Telugu cinema never faced any kind of problem but the situation in Tamil cinema is different. The actress’s followers were told that a Tamil actor had exploited her. As soon as this news went viral on social media. Everyone’s ears were perked up. Actress Nithya Menen had announced this news through her social media and now in an interview, the actress has talked about this in detail.

The Mission Mangal actress recently said in an interview on News 18 show about this news that before hearing such fickle news, she felt that it was necessary to get out of this incident as well. The actress further revealed how she deals with such news and chooses not to let it be a matter of concern. Further Nitya gave a critical report and said that how can it be that someone has troubled me? I thought it needed to be brought out. I believe in reality. When people behave badly, you have to point your finger at them. I want such people to face its impact and consequences.

Commenting on this, Nithya Menon said that the idea is that you should not be affected by anything. For this you have to be very spiritual, otherwise you will get very upset. And you can’t agree with that. There are so many rumors about me that people almost believe them. Things written like this actually become real. It should not happen. You can write such things about someone without knowing the truth which can spoil both his career and life. This is not true journalism.

Earlier, when this matter came to light last month, the actress had also protested against it and had written through her social media that it is very wrong that some section of journalism has reached this extent. I beg you, even better. Stop fake news. Similarly, if we talk about Nithya’s work front, recently the actress’s brilliant comedy-drama series Kumari Srimati and Thiru Chitrabellam have been released on Dialogue.

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