Meet Srimaan Ramachandra Raja, who inspiring the world

Even if we speak a lot about the different success stories in the world, especially about youngsters, it always feels much more discussions are needed around them. The world should know more about their journeys, struggles, choices and their road to success. Where on one end, people are busy working towards becoming something in their careers, on the other end, the world also produces genuine human beings who are totally surrendered to the idea of serving people in society.

Doing the same and carving his unique niche as a selfless man is a young talent named Srimaan Ramachandra Raja. He is the mind who founded his NGO named ‘Shree Welfare Foundation’, a one of a kind organization that cares for people and works towards providing people with joy, fulfilment and peace.

“Some people talk the talk, whereas I have always believed in walking the walk. Instead of only saying things, I believe in putting the necessary efforts and doing significant actions that could do the good to society at large,” says Srimaan, who has gone all out in helping people in need and giving them back their purpose of life. Srimaan also makes sure to always treat people with much compassion and empathy, and this nature of his has earned the youngster much recognition and respect already.

Srimaan was born in Chennai and raised in Rajapalayam, and is an MBA graduate from the city. He knew he could do great with his career. But rather than choosing the ordinary path, Srimaan chose the non-conventional road to work selflessly for people in our country, especially now when people need one another like never before, amidst a global pandemic. From providing free food to Covid patients in government hospitals, doing his bit for the police officers with giving them refreshments and food packets to helping underprivileged children with school fees in excess of 2.5 lakhs, medical assistance of 6 lakhs through his foundation and providing food to farmers during their protests in Delhi, Srimaan has been doing his best in touching lives profoundly.

He again astounded people with his work towards widows by helping them hone their stitching skills and other skills, making them independent and self-sufficient. Apart from this, the young talent also donated 2.5 lakhs for students.

This benevolent man has truly made a special place for himself in the hearts of all, inspiring the world.

Source: OutlookIndia


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