Meet Singing Shining Star Preety Panesar

The entertainment industry is one of the most demanding industries, but at the same time, it is also one of the most treasured industries. Every second, some people dream of joining this industry, but very few get this golden opportunity. When we talk about the handful of fortunate people to get this opportunity, we can surely count Preety Panesar in it. 
 She is a multi-talented woman who is a singer, model-actor all in one! In this thread, we will explore the life of Preety Panesar to know more about her. 

About Preety Panesar
 For Preety, the cameras have been her utmost best friend since the beginner. Since she was a child, she knew she wanted to enter this line, but she never knew she will be welcomed so properly and will get ample opportunities to showcase her talent. When we talk about her hobbies, she has a couple of them, such as reading, as she is an avid reader. In addition, she loves travelling and exploring, as she is a wild spirit. Another hobby she has is that she loves sports and enjoys playing sports in her free time. 
Her Incredible Journey:
Like each of us faces ups and downs, so has Preety Panesar faced in her life. However, due to her utmost dedication and skills, she has had a great journey so for. She is an extremely passionate woman who loves what she does, and the sparkle in her eyes shows it. 
Her journey began with her winning the Miss Uganda title in 2009, and from there, she went on and on, and there was no stopping by. She then participated in an event – Miss India Worldwide and was selected in the top 10 participants. 
She participated in various stage shows and shared the stage with prominent singers such as Sunidhi Chauhan and Shankar Ehsan Loy. 
She has been a part of multiple TV commercials and fashion events where she has represented India in many countries such as Dubai, South Africa, Uganda, etc. 
In 2020, she entered the Panjabi Music Industry and released her very first music with the name Doubt. 
Then, in April 2020, she released her next single, Tere Laare and from there, no stopping.
When it comes to the awards part, then Preety Panesar has won an ample number of awards. Let us see the list here:
● Other than a model, actor and singer, Preety also works for a charity cause and runs a charity foundation, Preet Foundation. She launched it in the year 2010.
● She has also achieved Miss Catwalk in Elements Charity Fashion Show 2008
● She won the title of Miss India Uganda in 2009
● She has also earned Miss Talent Award for Miss India Uganda in the same year, 2009.
Upcoming Projects:

After a break for a while, her new song, ‘Innocent Pyar,’ is all set to release, which comes along with a Hollywood touch. It Is a Punjabi Rap song, which will surely be all set to become the part song of 2021.

Essential Information to know about the song:

Singer of the song: Preety Panesar
Music: Given by Roach Killa
Lyrics: Jorge Gill
Direction: Diljot Garcha

source: Deccan Herald

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