Meet Shubham Podder who is known as Indian Fashion Model, Photographer and Actor.

Shubham Podder is a Fashion Model and Influencer who hails from Tripura. He was born on 29 April 2001 and brought up at this place only. He is an Photographer who loves to make his workplace at ease, making it a home living space.

Shubham Podder has made and produced many poses and he started mesmerizing the audience with his editing when he dropped 5 his own poses in social media platforms like facebook and instagram. From the start he loves to influencer and photographer but i never tried to poses or edit because he is worst at editing and poses of different types so yeah, one day he was working with his agency, and somewhere he had alot stress so, cause besides modeling he have non-business and at some point he was frustrated and he opened Instagram and Facebook , which he knew the way to use before and that he made a random pose which was good and that he loved it and he showed to his mom she said, wow!! “Its Awesome”, and from there he entered in model and influencer industry as a Actor.

People know him by his name Shubham Podder, he believes that one must not be motivated by financial gains or fame. What an individual should work towards is creating an unbreakable bond between people through influencing.
Up-coming Actor and Influencer in social media platforms like facebook and instagram who stepped into the world of social media just few years ago has already become a phenomenal success.

Shubham uses his media platform as a source of income and is doing a greasonably good job through sponsored brand and business promotions. Shubham also proves very useful for him to market his own business, hence he’s employed with many big brands and business sharks under this domain.

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5′ 8”
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown

Religion/Religious Views:
Shubham Podder follows Hinduism.

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