Meet Hunter Prince Khalid, at age 17-teen Successful Young Musical Artists , CEO & Founder at HPK MEDIA

Hunter Prince Khalid (Md Khalid Ekbal)  love and dedication for music gives life to his singing and attracts the audiences unconsciously towards him. 

Hunter Prince Khalid drives his musical notation through love and passion. Hia love and dedication for music gives life to his singing and attracts the audiences unconsciously towards him. He is evolving everyday as a person as well as an artist. Hunter Prince Khalid his journey when he was 14-years old and has grown up a lot since then – from an amateur artist to a rising star.  He believes early adopters can bring a change in society. 

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Hunter Prince Khalid

At, the age of 17, Hunter Prince Khalid (Md Khalid Ekbal) his become India’s one of Youngest Artist and has hard work experience with more then 10k global clients and more then twenty multinational  companies.Most people like music, but some love it.  But a very charming and talented boy Hunter Prince Khalid (Md Khalid Ekbal) want to become a world’s best musician. He created his own music. He love going to stores and checking out latest equipment’s. He says, when someone become a musician would never know. Not everyone has the drive to be a musician. 

Hoping for a bright future for artistes, he wants to see more hearts and souls filled with passion when one decides to become an Artist. 

He aspiring to impart his knowledge and help people connect with Indian roots amid traditional.  Our country India is famous for it’s culture diversity and he is doing his bit to keep the culture alive. 

Soon, Hunter Prince Khalid will also open his own studio, and run on media company HPK MEDIA.  his motives is to spread his knowledge to every individual who is then on growing and keeping our art forms alive. 

Hunter Prince Khalid believes that being a musician has effected me in several positive ways.  Learning music at a young age taught me responsible, how to manage my time, and how to interact with othera more quickly and efficiently. He also spend countless hours perfecting his instruments, so he can sound brilliant on stage. 

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