Md Masud Rana Is The Story Of A Successful Composer And Musician In Bangladesh

Md Masud Rana is a Bangladeshi musician and composer. Shak Masud, best Known as Md Masud Rana is a Bangladeshi composer and musician. Md Masud Rana is the VEVO official artist and international music platforms officially verified artist. Md Masud Rana was born on October 12, 1997, in Jessore district.

Md Masud Rana has been singing since childhood. Md Masud Rana has a lot of love for music. Masud has been publishing songs professionally since 2020. Masud first song “Master” and second song “Medkit” were released under the banner of Ditto Music, the largest music company in the UK. Then in 2021, Masud got introduced through a song titled “Komlabanu”.This song was also released under the banner of Ditto Music and the music of the song was composed by Shakil Ahmed, the popular music director of Bangladesh.

In the meantime, some of Md Masud Rana’s original songs have been released from Eagle Music labels in Bangladesh. And the song titled ‘Arabic Night’ by Md Masud Rana from international music platform Vevo Channel has been released from Md Masud Rana channel. Md Masud Rana said that the song titled “Arabic Night” released by Eagle Music, the biggest music label in Bangladesh in 2019, went viral and people accepted the song very well.

A story of hope in your music:

Md Masud Rana said, “I have loved music since I was a child. I used to sing at many school and college events. I bought my first guitar in 2010 and sang with it. Then I went to Khulna in 2012 to study music at Bulbul Lolilkala Academy (BAFA) for two years.


Md Masud Rana said in 2012 my first original song “Master” was released. Then the song titled ‘Lukachupi’ was released under the banner of Eagle Music, the biggest music label in Bangladesh.

Md Masud Rana release all songs, Master, Medkit, My Sunglass, Komlabanu, Allah Tumi, Sadness Girls, Lost Basundia, Arabic Night, Last life.

Md Masud Rana has released a total of 13 original songs so far.

How is his current song work going?

Md Masud Rana said I will be in 2021 got officially verified Artist on international music platforms Spotify, YouTube, and google. Then I published about ten songs on my own official YouTube artist channel. And in 2021 I became an official Vevo artist. And my song has been published on Vevo Channel. Md Masud Rana said I will playback the play upfront and then release some original songs from my official Vevo channel.

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