How you can truly pursue your passion towards music : Ds Abhishek

Ds Abhishek tells the basic concept of a music producer and basics of a music which you listen everyday. Every time when you hear a song for the first time, what attracts you the most ? The melodious, the background music, or the lyrics. Well, many would answer all of it, but where the core of any song lies in its composition and production. It’s not that anyone can be a singer, but the most important part is the art of composition which is rarely found.

Ds Abhishek has gone through immense growth in these past years, both with music and entrepreneur journey. Abhishek is spreading love and a colorful musical composition through his latest song ‘Astro Boy’ which became popular track and now ‘Get Away’. This track provides a different flavor than another the artist took influences from various music genres like lofi, hip hop and blended them with his sheer individuality and musical creativity.

As a result, the tracks offer the listeners elements of, rock, lo-fi, and some experimental music. The album is well created and finely calibrated that evokes the emotions of the listeners with instrumental narrative and emotionally-rich compositions. He is planning to collaborate with other artist as much as he can.

Ds Abhishek has made and produced many music and he started mesmerizing the audience with his music when he dropped 5 Albums. From the start i enjoyed Music and Songs but i never tried to sing because i’m worst at singing so yeah, one day I was working with my agency, and somewhere i had alot stress so, cause besides music i have ny business and at some point i was frustrated and i opened FL Studio, which i knew the way to use before and that i made a random beat which was good and that i enjoyed it i showed to my mom she said, wow!! “Its Awesome”, and from there i entered in music industry as a Music Producer.

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