How is the second season of Panchayat?

The new season of Panchayat begins with the song ‘Hawa Ke Saath-Saath’ from the movie Sita and Geeta. On hearing this song, the picture of Hema Malini and Sanjeev Kumar skating starts emerging in the mind.

How is the script this time?

In this season of Panchayat too, there is innocence in the script, simplicity in the visuals and familiarity in the dialogues. All the characters of Panchayat are from your neighbourhood. This time there is also Rinki with Binod and Pintu’s mother. Binod, who created an earthquake in the comment section of YouTube, has nothing to do with this binod.

An episode of the series is shown about the dance culture of Uttar Pradesh. Jeetu Bhaiya tells the dancer to stop dancing, then that girl tells us a truth. She says that in a way we are all dancing. Everyone’s stage for dancing is different and the people who dance to him are different.

story of rural life

Small things related to rural life are well threaded in the story. On the occasion of Rinki’s birthday, people will be seen seeing things like gourd love, village politics, Teej-Vrat, estrangement among people, tea on talk, etc., as if you are watching the story of your village. be.

In one scene the villagers have to announce something with the mic. Everyone blames this work on Jitendra and discusses how to start. When the work is over, Jitendra is congratulated by his colleagues. This small thing is celebrated.

Jeetu Bhaiya and friendship

In the episode of Panchayat, some new chapters have been added on friendship. Pradhan and his team go to the MLA to request funds for the construction of the road. In return, he abuses Jeetu Bhaiya by insulting the associates of the MLA, Pradhan. Jitendra Kumar is upset that Pradhan calls himself a friend, but why not speak to the MLA in this matter.

When the Pradhan, the Vice-Pradhan and the office staff go to the same MLA for some other work and he again abuses Jitendra, all three oppose him. Then come to the office and celebrate it and have a beer party. Pradhan’s work did not work but he is happy that he has kept the honor of friendship.

Acting of Raghuveer Yadav

Whenever Raghuveer Yadav says in his own style, “Secretary ji!” So those two words outweigh the long monologues. Raghuveer ji as the head, Jitendra Kumar as the secretary, Faisal Malik as the deputy head, Neena Gupta as the sarpanch and Chandan Roy as the office staff, all have done an amazing job.

TVF and rural environment

Saanvika fits well in the character of Rinki. The Vanrakas man of the series, Vinod, the brick contractor, DM and Pintu’s mother have contributed well. Here Chandan Roy, who brought the character of the office staff to life, can be praised a little more than the rest. At the same time, Satish Ray’s acting as the secretary’s urban friend seems odd.

When you reach the end of Panchayat Season 2 laughing and laughing, then you will see this, “Great web series hai yaar!” TVF earlier made such shows on urban environment, which were understood by the educated audience only. After a few days he reached small towns and with this series he has successfully made his step in rural area.

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