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Pratik Borate & Kriti Rathore

Founder of Black Motions, 24 year old Pratik Borate has been building a creative path for celebrity Fashion Designer, Kriti Rathore. 

Pratik carries with himself six years of experience in film and media production, business operations and every behind the scene activity that makes an idea a reality. This new development in the marketing world was another learning experience for him. He aims to give an influencer an edge in their journey.

Since 2019, Pratik Borate has been associated with Kriti Rathore.

Kriti Rathore is a Celebrity Fashion Designer and also the National President of the women’s wing of Karni Sena. Kriti has a huge social media influence and runs a posh studio in Jaipur as well. She has many awards to her name for her outstanding work. Kriti is also a dedicated social activist. On the cards is Kriti’s fashion design school. Pratik Borate has led his assistance in the planning and execution of the school. The name of this school will be Kriti Rathore School of Design.

Pratik is responsible for overseeing the smooth management and branding of Kriti’s fashion label. He also handles her personal influence. He incorporates new research and findings in his work. He builds relationships for her brand with other parties and helps every stakeholder achieve common ground. Pratik Borate also creates various marketing campaigns and executes end to end operations, communication and coordination to maximise the impact of Kriti Rathore’s ideas.

Kriti Rathore reflectsIt is a pleasure to work with Pratik. He is very meticulous with the entire planning process. It is heartening to see such young talent exploring and learning so much. Working with him is very smooth and comprehensive because this celebrity world looks shiny, but a lot of hard work goes behind it. Pratik does that. He makes us realise the competency of his generation.”

On the same lines, Pratik says, “It’s a humbling experience to work with such an eminent personality such as Kriti Rathore. It has filled me with gratitude to witness and manage her huge world. My idea is to drive growth seeded in the fact that every influencer creates stories. So while influencers generate content, my task is to measure impact and amplify it.”

Source: midday

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