Gujarat’s popular content creator and actor Vishal DOP

Content creation has boomed by leaps and bounds in the last few years. The concept of creating trendy content has been a game-changer for many young and enthusiastic minds. But is content creation restricted only to gain tremendous exposure on social media? Well, if you think so, that is not the case. While making hilarious videos on the internet has helped many creators earn great fortunes, but the job of content creation is more than that. Recently, regional content has seen a rise among the audience.

To be precise, Gujarati content has been loved and appreciated by many people. Making a place among the top-notch names, Vishal Parekh aka Vishal DOP as he is widely known on the internet is known for his out of the box creativity. Time and again, the young lad has left everyone impressed with his comic timing. However, the Ahmedabad-based content creator has not restricted his profession only to social media. Very often, we have seen him come up with content that is relatable to everyone in daily life.

His sole passion has been acting, and to walk in the shoes of the character, Vishal DOP minutely observes the day-to-day activities of people. Speaking about the same, Vishal DOP said, “My daily ritual is to observe and practice the art of acting in front of the mirror. This has helped me in building confidence while facing the camera.  I observe small details, and include them in my videos that any layman can resonate to.” To master the art, the talented actor has even been a part of various theatre plays and dramas.

Looking at the entertaining content that he comes up with, Vishal has captivated the attention of various celebrities from Gujarat. One thing that has set him apart from many other content creators is his ability to step out of his comfort zone. Intending to make people smile with his work, Vishal is rightly following his dream of becoming an actor. Having worked with different actors from the Gujarati film industry, Vishal DOP opened up on how the regional content is hitting the bullseye.

“The recent example that left everyone amused including me is Pratik Gandhi’s act from Scam 1992. I have always admired his work, and the way he gets into his character is brilliant. I got to meet him earlier for a project, and I must say that my respect for him has doubled with the kind of work that he is doing”, quotes Vishal. Unlike other mainstream content and cinema, Vishal DOP is putting in his best effort to bring the regional content of Gujarat to the forefront.

In his outstanding career, the actor has garnered the attention of various small-scale and large-scale brands. It is believed that his latest collaboration is with the dating app Tinder, and there are various other brand collaborations he has in the pipeline. According to rumour mills, Vishal DOP is even in talks for a film, and his fans might get to see him on screen soon. When asked if the news is true, he said, “I am currently bringing a lot of entertainment bonanza for my fans. All I can say is that the wait will be worth it.”

Source: Deccan herald

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