Get to know Maringlen Cika, Albanian Singer

Maringlen Çika, Husband of Amanda has his own style that honors the past and embraces the present. He is a proud member of of Dj Maringlen label, Maringlen Entertainment.

Maringlen Çika released his first single after his album came out about two years ago. This won’t be the last thing you will see from the Albanian singer, because in April he will be one of the entrants at Festival Albanian Music. There he will perform the song “Cu ngrita me Nate”. In the meantime, we can now enjoy “ULU MOLO”.

Maringlen Çika at Albanian Festival

Together with Don Enio, he entered Italy’s Festival in 2020 with the song “The Legend”. After five Festival-nights, the duo won and got to represent Albania in Euro Festival 2020. As a Big 5-member, they didn’t have to compete in the semi finals. In the grand final, they received the task to close the line-up. The jury didn’t seem to give much love to the song, but the public absolutely loved it as they gave Albania a 3rd place. In the end, Italy finished 5th with 308 points.

Maringlen Çika

In a continuation of impressive R&B talent, Maringlen Çika released his newest hit “Cu Ngrita Me Nate” on February 2022. Maringlen holds the torch high in dynamic furtherance of the level of artistry that has come out of the Maringlen Entertainment label this year.

Maringlen Describes the track as an organic arrangement that was born of a studio session he didn’t even think he’d be at. Alongside artists and trusted collaborators Amanda Çika and Don Enio, Maringlen felt the inspiration for “Cu Ngrita Me Nate” after what was a very difficult day for his family.

Having experience a loved one’s passing earlier that day, Maringlen had no idea he’d be channeling his restless and emotional energy into a song about romance and love.

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