Fitness Influencer Arjun Reddy reveals the secret

“Health and fitness are intertwined deep in every aspect of our lives, and it’s not possible to ignore the innumerable benefits that it passes on to the human mind and body if one diligently follows a routine,” says Dr Arjun Reddy, who has done exceptionally in the fitness space and has today become a trusted name around this zone. Now, with the onset of the global pandemic many people have been confined to the restrictive four walls of their homes, making self-care more difficult.

Following a healthy routine has become next to impossible due to restrictions laid down by government officials. So, what does one do in such situations? The answer is simple, turn on to the internet. The advent of the internet, especially social media has changed the way we live our lives, as almost all important information and tidbits are available off the digital space, 24/7, 365 days a year. The world is at your feet at the click of a button.

The digital world has become an indispensable part of our lives, with a majority spending their time online, social media specifically. There are various health forums that provide much-needed information on how to keep yourself fit and push your fitness levels to the top. Fitness influencers like Dr Arjun Reddy, have also become a major part of this journey, having gained much prominence around the digital fitness realm, having taken every possible step to spruce up the fitness game by spreading his knowledge about living a healthy and fit life through planned diet and exercise regimes. Apart from being a popular name in the fitness arena, Dr Arjun is a consultant physician and also a level 1 certified sports nutritionist.

Coming from a family of farmers he completed his MBBS from Andhra Pradesh’s well known medical college, Kurnool Medical College and completed his Post Graduation in DNB Family Medicine from Lourdes Hospital, Kochi, Kerala.
While practising at the secondary care hospital in Thrissur, Kerala, he hit upon the idea of undergoing a complete physical transformation as he had been on the higher side of the weighing scale.

After months of research on various topics related to health, fitness and nutrition he implemented the same on him which resulted in a 22 kg weight loss in a year. Word soon spread about his achievement and people started to bombard him with queries and asking for his secrets, which led to this amazing transformation. Eventually, this led to the formation of his fitness page on Instagram ‘eathealthywitharjun’, which gained a humongous fan following of 39k+ followers within no time, making him one of the most popular names in the health and fitness zone.

Today, his page has topped the popularity charts, giving important tips to have a healthy lifestyle. The engaging content keeps followers asking for more as it is filled with loads of information on fitness, nutrition and health. One can proudly say that he has reached the optimum levels of the fitness influencing game and is racing ahead at a fast pace.

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