Emraan Hashmi character Aatish revealed in Tiger 3

Recently the trailer of Salman Khan’s upcoming film Tiger 3 has been released. This telecom set the internet on fire. Premi liked the telecast of the film very much. Lover Emraan Hashmi was also liked a lot as the villain in this telecast.

Emraan Hashmi himself was very curious about this film, but was not telling anything about this film for so long. But now finally he has told about his character ‘Aatish’ in the film.

Emraan Hashmi character Aatish Truth

Talking to IANS about his character ‘Aatish’, Emraan Hashmi said, “I enjoyed playing the political Aatish – this is a man who is full of romance and you are also ready to kill Tiger.” Can go till. He plays a very different villain which is rare in Hindi cinema.

He is a mastermind, his mind is his biggest weapon and he even captures the officials of other countries in his crooked department, he is hostage

Imran further explained that this is a character who is a lonely tiger, who wants to destroy his family and by doing so he wants to take out India’s biggest super agent. They say that Tiger will forever remain the last man standing for India and they want him to be removed at any cost.

Imran also said in the end that he wanted to tell his fans about this character in advance, but he did not get to do so. Emraan said, “I was going to tell people about Tiger 3, but don’t tell Sak, knowing very well that whenever people of my cast come forward, I get very upset. I get a good response.”

There was a clear decision in the party about the anti-hero with the telecast of Tiger 3 and I am happy that people are liking my dangerous character.

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